Head-To-Head: Apple iPhone eleven Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Skin tones still looked more natural but there was quite a little bit of noise in the photo. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ provided a brighter and cleaner image. This was improved further when utilizing Night mode, which the iPhone 11 Pro’s front digicam cannot do.

In the first shot of the lanterns, both phones managed to seize good colours. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ didn’t expose the background as well as the iPhone eleven Pro, but it did a greater job with the other lanterns. As good because the iPhone eleven Pro was during the day, it struggled to maintain up in low gentle.

We also tested video captured with the wide-angle cameras of both phones. During the day, the iPhone eleven Pro produced good details and hues in 4K but there wasn’t any stabilisation. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ had equally good details however stabilisation is supported, which made the footage extra pleasing. In low light and at 1080p, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ that provided better-wanting footage.

Its main camera gave us a good perspective, however each phones faltered somewhat when it came to capturing the railing in entrance of us. Between the 2 photographs, we most popular the colour tone that the iPhone eleven Pro captured. In low gentle, both phones will solely allow you to change to their telephoto cameras so long as the topic is nicely lit.

note 10 vs iphone 11

The iPhone 11 Pro allows you to use any of its three cameras to seize a panorama, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ only lets you choose between the primary or wide-angle ones. With the latter, you can get much more of a scene in one frame however the final image looks a bit squashed.