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Athlete Spotlight: Adam Fox

February 12, 2015 by


Athlete: Adam Fox

Hometown: Allendale, NJ

Current City: Princeton Junction, NJ

Occupation: Quantitative Strategist at KCG Holdings

Educational Background:  BA in Physics, Princeton University

Favorite event/distance: Running any distance is a great thrill!

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? I’d love to be able to fly…especially when I’m stuck in traffic!

Team/Interactive would like to welcome Adam to our NYC Half squad. Adam has considered himself a runner for four years. This is his second Half Marathon, his first was the 2013 NYC Half.  Adam found C/I thanks to the NYRR charity list. His background as a Quantitative Strategist makes him a great fit for or team and organization’s mission.

“I firmly believe that computer science and related skills are absolutely necessary in this day and age, and as a professional programmer, I’d love to do what I can to help spread my expertise!”  

Overcoming the Odds

When a person is working to reach a goal, there can be any number of obstacles to overcome. Sometimes its a fairly manageable obstacle like training outside in the snow when you’d rather train in the sunshine. We can’t control the weather but we can wear an extra pair of socks to keep our feet warm. Adam’s obstacle comes from an injury.

“I’m recovering from ACL Reconstruction + Double Mensical repair in my left knee. Finishing this Half Marathon would be a great achievement for me, personally!”

The process of training and recovering from an injury is a lot like learning a new coding language in school. At first the process of learning is cumbersome, downright painful. The student isn’t an instant expert and it takes work to understand the material. Little by little, the material gets easier to understand and before you know it you’re off and running (pun intended) like a pro!

Adam’s Advice:

“When you are faced with a tough problem, with no obvious or easy solution… persevere! Trying something” is always better than not trying at all.”

Team/Interactive is proud to have Adam running the 2015 NYC Half with us. We can’t wait to cheer him across the finish line and join him on his next Team/Interactive adventure!

“I’d love to continue running other races and cheering on other C/I athletes!  I also hope to be able to teach code and/or mentor students.  Coding is extremely useful for career development (and it’s pretty fun, too!)”

You can support C/I students and Adam’s 2015 NYC Half Marathon fundraise campaign by making a donation here.

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