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Athlete Spotlight: Dan Tully

February 13, 2015 by


Name: Dan Tully

Hometown: Syosset, NY

Current City: Bronx, NY

Occupation, Company: Engineer, Tully Construction

Educational Background: Civil Engineering, Villanova University

Years Running: Womb

Favorite event/distance: Middle Distance, 800m

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be? The power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… with MIND BULLETS.

A Great Runner, A GREAT CAUSE!

Dan is humble when he talks about his running. He is actually a very accomplished athlete. In High School he was All-State in Cross-Country and a four-time All American in Track. He held several national records for the 4×800 and probably some other stuff that he hasn’t bragged to me about. He ran in college at Villanova University with his twin brother Sean. The two of them together were phenomenal legs for Villanova’s 4×800 team. They achieved so many accolades that I think they might not be quite human. It’s probably some kind of weird Super Twin Power.


 The Villanova track guys were quite the mischievous bunch. There is never a  shortage of fond reminiscing of the good times. Just take a look at Dan as Aldous  Snow singing “Inside of You” for an athlete talent show with his track teammates.  [Embarrassing Video Here].

 For a good number of us, recalling college shenanigans, talent shows, campus  events, track meets, exams, all-nighters, or any number of other Adventures in  Academia is not only easy, it’s an expected “normal” occurrence. We sometimes  forget that those experiences are actually more of a privilege that a normal state.

College is expensive. College is hard to get into without sufficient funds, extracurricular activities, or academic achievements. Today, college is more a privilege rather than an academic right.

 C/I programs are targeted at the most underserved and at-risk student in NYC’s Five Boros. By providing students with quality experiences in computer science education we are helping them achieve a “normal” American Dream. After school Code/Interactive counts as an extracurricular and introduces students to the hard coding skills. Camp/Interactive imparts leadership training, product development, teamwork, and management skills. Career/Interactive provides opportunity for hands-on experience in a work environment providing interview skills and training in professionalism. All together, C/I provides students with the opportunity to break cycles of poverty and make a difference in their communities. This can’t be done without the support of Team/Interactive athletes like Dan.          

Getting Involved With C/I

Let’s be real, Dan knows about C/I because I’m his girlfriend. He’s running the NYC Half because I’m responsible for Team/Interactive and as a wonderful, supportive boyfriend he accepted the challenge of running and fundraising for the Half. He’s making good on his acceptance of this challenge, now let’s see which one of us is in better shape to compete on race day!

“I’ve never run a half marathon before. I wouldn’t say long distance is my thing… But hey, this is a really great cause and I’m happy to be running to support C/I’s students.”

Although he’s never raced the distance before, Dan has run the distance plenty of time in his athletic career. He shouldn’t have too much trouble. But this could get competitive… He’s fast but I’ve been training to wear him down over the 13.1 mile course.

The mission of C/I is important to Dan and he is fully on board with the importance of C/I programs:

“My sister is a teacher and she sees first hand the disparities in educational opportunities throughout the NYC area. If my running makes any difference in the life of just one student, then it’s worth it.”

Obstacles and Training, Training, Training!!

Dan’s biggest training obstacle is TIME. He has a lot of responsibility at work and a lot of activities outside of work. Luckily his extracurricular activities are all active ones and he maintains a healthy lifestyle that supports his participation in the Half.

“My schedule is pretty busy. I work full time, I run with CPTC on Tuesday nights, I play basketball on Wednesday nights, and I play soccer on Thursday nights.”

By the time the weekend comes, we’re both pretty exhausted but Dan is good about going out on runs with me or completing his run at some point in the afternoon. He’s born and raised “North of the Wall” so the frozen wasteland that is NYC winters aren’t a deterrent to training outdoors.

Staying Involved, Giving Back to NYC Youth

Dan has attended several C/I events as a volunteer. I’m sure that he’ll continue volunteering and interacting with students. He attended his first Hackathon at Google just to find out if they really have Segways rolling around from office to office (I told you he’s a giant n00b!). He ended up being less interested in the magic of Google offices and much more interested in the app designs and creativity of our C/I students. Seeing first hand the excitement of the students and quality of the programming, Dan is certain he will participate in future Team/Interactive events.

Team/Interactive is excited to see Dan cross the finish line on March 15th. You can help Dan in his goal to raise $1,310 for C/I students: This fundraise will provide one student with a complete year of computer science education through C/I. Help Dan give back to NYC Youth today!   


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