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Athlete Spotlight: Genevieve Manna

February 5, 2015 by


“I’m really looking forward to the NYC Half this year because it’s the first time I’m fundraising for anything in my life. C/I hits close to my heart because of my educational background and career. It’s so exciting supporting C/I and giving back to the future faces of technology.”

The NYC Half takes runners on a spectacular 13.1-mile tour of NYC and our Team/Interactive athletes all have a really great start on fundraising for the NYC Half. Our athletes are accomplishing their fundraising goals to support C/I students and to make educational opportunities in tech possible. You can help the Team/Interactive half marathon team here.

Name: Genevieve Manna

Hometown: Garden City, NY

Current City: Manhattan, NY

Occupation/ Company: Solutions Marketing Manager at Rocket Fuel.

“Rocket Fuel delivers  a leading programmatic media-buying platform at Big data scale that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to improve marketing ROI in digital media across the web, mobile, video and social channels. Rocket Fuel powers digital advertising and marketing programs globally for customers in North America, Europe & Japan.”

Educational Background: Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT. Majored in Media

Studies/Digital Culture.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be: FLYING! Would probably get

where I need to go a lot faster (and never be late!).

Team/Interactive Is Proud of Genevieve’s Accomplished Running History

Genevieve is one of those amazing athletes who choose a sport early and grow with it. She started her running adventure when she was in the 7th grade. Her middle school didn’t have a track team so she tried out for the high school varsity winter track team instead. Not only did she make the team, she also placed all conference and all county competing against high schoolers! Needless to say, her athleticism didn’t go unnoticed and she remained on the Varsity track team through her Senior year.

“It was a great experience running at a more competitive level while I was younger (that experience) allowed me to pursue my goal of running D1 Track in college.”

Her early running career was as a sprinter, specializing in distances from the 200m to the 400m. Today, Genevieve embraces longer distances up to the Half Marathon and appreciates the patience it takes to complete the distance.

“My favorite sprint distance is a 300m – just enough time to sprint all the way through without completely dying like in a 400m. My favorite long distance would be a nice 6 mile loop in Central Park.”

Obstacles in the Miles of Training

Sometimes people think being a “runner” means “marathoner”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told people I’m a runner and they immediately ask how many marathons I’ve run. After that an awkward conversation about the different types of runner, pacing, and distance may or may not evolve. Sprinters and distance runners train their muscles in different ways to maximize their performance. It takes time for the body to adjust from one distance to another.

Genevieve’s biggest training obstacle so far has been making the transition from sprinter to distance runner.

“I don’t consider myself a distance runner by any means, but I enjoy going out for long runs without pushing for a pace. I imagined running distances as torture, but it’s become part of my daily routine and quite therapeutic.”

Genevieve may agree with me if I compared the journey of our students into academically challenging programs that take time to get comfortable with to the often painful experience of training for either a sprint or long distance event. Our students may imagine completing high school and going to college as an unattainable and tortuous experience because it is new and uncharted territory. Once they accept the challenge, they often find it wasn’t as bad as they thought and little by little are able to advance academically and in life.

The 2015 NYC Half will be her 6th half marathon and Genevieve’s very first time fundraising. She is proud to say that after countless track meets and a spattering of road races, that this 7th half marathon is about running for something much bigger than herself.

“My PR is a 1:49 and I would love to beat that this March!”

Team/Interactive hopes that our mission and program can be a point of motivation to fuel a bit PR this March! We can’t wait to see you cross the finish line with a big smile and feeling of satisfaction for having competed to make a difference in the lives of NYC students!

Getting involved and having a passion for the future of tech

Genevieve learned about C/I through a friend on social media. As soon as heard about open spots for the NYC Half, she didn’t miss a beat! She jumped on the C/I website to learn more about the opportunity to run (for a good cause no less!) and filled out the Team/Interactive interest form on our website.

As a woman in tech, Genevieve feels that preparing and properly equipping the next generation of tech leaders to take on the industry is paramount to its growth.

“C/I allows kids from all different backgrounds to truly learn about the space, and the best part is that they are excited to learn. Students of C/I are the future of tech.”

Team/Interactive is lucky to connect with an athlete like Genevieve for her work in tech and willingness to give back to the next generation of diverse tech leaders.

“Since I work in the technology industry, I would love to give as much to C/I as I can! Whether it be mentoring students, offering internships & career experience, volunteering, or fundraising for my next event – I definitely plan on staying involved with C/I!”

Listen Up Students, Gen has something to say!

Stay infinitely curious! There are so many twists and turns in all facets of life, it’s so beneficial to keep wondering. It’s also so important to care about what you’re putting your effort into! The more you care, the more effort you will put into something naturally. Hard work truly does pay off and though obstacles may seem impossible at times, you are always going to push through!”

We are excited to have Genevieve on our 2015 NYC Half Marathon team and can’t wait to see her cross the finish line! Help Genevieve make a difference in the academic opportunities of NYC youth by contributing to her fundraise campaign! GO GENEVIEVE!!!

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