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Athlete Spotlight: Jake Simms

March 5, 2015 by

Athlete: Jake Simms

Hometown: Wichita, KS

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation, Company: Operations & Partnerships, Timehop

Educational Background: University of Kansas

Years Running: 3

Favorite event/distance: Half Marathon; 13.1

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

Does Scorpion from Mortal Combat count? I’d totally be that guy. Otherwise Michelangelo from TMNT.


It All Started With A Tweet….

The 2015 NYC Half is the third time Jake will be rocking the blue and orange jersey for C/I students. He first learned about C/I (then Camp Interactive) when he sent a Tweet to  friend of the organization, Dennis Crowley of Foursquare. After that, he was hooked on racing with Team/Interactive! His first Team/Interactive event was the NYC Half. Jake had such a great time that he doubled the distance and ran the NYC Marathon with C/I. We are excited to welcome Jake back to the race course and back to Team/Interactive!

It’s always great to have repeat athletes for Team/Interactive. Jake likes C/I because of the hands-on education students gain that goes beyond the classroom.

“I like the fact that C/I speaks to skill development and getting jobs over 4-year education. I’m a big believer that you learn the most from putting yourself out there and doing.”

Of course, that’s not to say C/I discourages higher education. Jake appreciates that students are introduced to a variety of learning modalities that can extend beyond traditional academia.

Winter Training, Spring Racing

Training with the current weather conditions (cold, icy, snowy, slushy) is no picnic! Jake’s biggest training obstacle in preparing for the 2015 NYC Half is weather related. Sometimes, there is just no amount of layering that can block out the bite of freezing winds.

“In the past I got the flu and had major issues with my IT bands while trying to train for my first marathon. Ultimately, they were just mild setbacks and you grind past them.”


It sounds rough… Luckily Jake is a tough dude and he can take on ANYTHING!! (After all, he does have the superpowers of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion!!)

Jake’s Recipe For Tech Success

In Jake’s experience, success comes from the individual’s character and ability to translate skills from one industry into another.

“My skill when I was 16 was video editing. I WAS told that it is a valuable thing, but I never internalized it and believed it. It was valuable. I got my first job because of that skill I developed in high school (and my first boss loved that I bar tended, which means I learned a bit of sales and customer service knowhow), not because I graduated college.”

A student can have all the academic experience in the world but if they are unable to leave academia and use all life experiences toward their career, they may not be as valuable as someone who can. Jake is encouraging C/I students to treat every life experience as a learning opportunity and apply those life lessons toward successes just as much as academic ones.

Continuing Involvement

Jake has been a Team/Interactive runner for three separate events and he plans to continue his involvement with future athletic events. He’s also a going to stay involved by helping out with hackathons and teaching some entry level programming. One of the greatest compliments to C/I programs is hearing that Team/Interactive athletes believe so much on our students that they are excited to help out and stay involved. THANK YOU JAKE!!

BTW… “Mike Denton 4 Prez 2016.”

Team/Interactive is excited to have Jake running the 2015 NYC Half on March 15th. You can help him reach the finish line and complete his fundraising goal by supporting him here:

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