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Athlete Spotlight: Jon Farb

January 28, 2015 by

Jon Farb

Athlete Spotlight:  Jon Farb

The NYC Half takes runners on a spectacular 13.1-mile tour of NYC and our Team/Interactive athletes all have a really great start on fundraising for the NYC Half. Our athletes are accomplishing their fundraising goals to support C/I students and to make educational opportunities in tech possible. You can help the Team/Interactive half marathon team here.

Athlete: Jon Farb

Twitter: @jfarb710

Hometown: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Current City: New York, NY

Occupation, Company: Product Guy at ListenFirst Media

Jon has a B.S in Computer Science from Syracuse University and works at ListenFirst Media.  Jon learned about C/I through friends championing the cause in the past.

“I had the privilege of fundraising for C/I last year by running the NYC Half 2014 for Team/ Interactive. I’m running to support a great cause that helps bring technology skills to underserved communities in the New York Area.”

What inspires you to run for C/I?

C/I inspires students with the education they need to reach their potential as future tech professionals. Jon has ran with Team/Interactive before and sees C/I mission to very important

“There is such an astounding mismatch with the skills being taught in High Schools (and earlier education), and what’s required to be successful in today’s workplace. In the majority of schools, technology is an elective path when it clearly needs to be reined in to the core curriculum. It’s important for the success of our young people here, and the country as a whole.”

“With such an enormous void in homegrown technical talent, and high-paying STEM jobs being filled by talent from abroad, it’s not just wonderful what C/I is doing, it’s mission is critical to the contribution of the future success of the local and national economy.”

Overcoming Miles of Training and Trails

Jon has been running for 21 years and his favorite event/distance is the Half Marathon. He plans to challenge his PR this year while supporting C/I along the way.

My PR is 1:55 and hope to beat it this year.”

The greatest training obstacle Jon has been facing so far is time. He concluded that if he were a superhero, his super power will be, adding more hours in the day.

“Finding the time for the long runs.  I always do, it’s just not easy.”

The best advice Jon has for C/I students about overcoming obstacles in their academic and future adult lives is to understand the value of technology in all career fields.

“Technology is ingrained in every aspect of products, business and life – pick something you are interested in and bring your technical skills to the table.”

Continuing to Make a Difference with C/I

Jon plans on staying involved with C/I in the future by continuing to support Team/Interactive as an athlete and raising awareness about the C/I mission. He also plans to continue supporting friends and colleagues in their fundraising campaigns for C/I.

“Massive THANK YOU to all family, friends, & colleagues who have supported the cause over the years.”

We are excited to have Jon on our 2015 NYC Half Marathon team and can’t wait to see him cross the finish line! Help Jon support C/I students by contributing to his fundraise campaign! GO JON GO!!!

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