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Athlete Spotlight: Jorden Hirsch

January 22, 2015 by

The NYC Half takes runners on a spectacular 13.1- mile tour of the Big Apple and our Team/Interactive athletes are geared up to run for C/I! Our Athletes are fundraising to support C/I programs and to help make educational opportunities in tech possible for underserved NYC high schoolers. You can help the Team/Interactive half marathon team here.

Athlete: Jorden Hirsch

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

Current City: New York City

Occupation: Sr. Strategic Account Manager,

Company: PubMatic

Educational Background: UCSB, Fine Arts BA

Becoming Inspired by C/I

Jorden is a Sr. Strategic Account Manager at PubMatic. She learned about C/I and the NYC Half through Pubmatic CEO and C/I board chairman, Kirk McDonald.

C/I inspires students with the education they need to reach their potential as future tech professionals. Jorden sees the opportunities C/I is providing to their students to be very valuable in the growing tech field.

“Working in an industry surrounded by the need for talented engineers, product specialists, and operations team members really highlighted the need for an organization like C/I. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn these valuable skills!”

Overcoming Miles of Training and Trails

Jorden has been running for 10 years and her favorite distance is the half marathon (13.1 miles!). She has run several half marathons before including the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C., the Hampton’s Half Marathon and the Philly Love Run.

Jorden’s P.R. is 1:40:00; that’s about 7 minutes and 38 seconds per mile! She’s a speed demon!!  If she were a superhero, Jordan would want the super power of teleportation! This power would not only help Jorden set a P.R. but also a world record!

Like many native Californian athletes training “North of the Wall”, Jorden’s greatest training obstacle so far is keeping up with the weather.

“It’s so hard to train in NY when it is cold, but I bought earmuffs that I love and I’ve been spoiling myself with warm running clothes.”

Overcoming Obstacles and Making a Difference

The best advice Jorden has for C/I students about overcoming obstacles in their academic and future adult lives is to NEVER GIVE UP.

“Persistence and taking one step at a time; things might seem overwhelming and it’s easy to give into the pressure but if you think of things as one step at a time then you can get closer to your goals everyday.”

Jorden plans on staying involved with C/I by continuing to participate in Team/Interactive athletic events and supporting the mission to inspire the next generation of diverse tech leaders.

We are excited to have Jorden on our 2015 NYC Half Marathon team and can’t wait to see her cross the finish line! Help Jorden support C/I students by contributing to her fundraise campaign here. GO JORDEN GO!!!

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