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Athlete Spotlight: Kristen Hawley King

October 16, 2014 by

Team/Interactive is full of AMAZING athletes from Coast to Coast. Our athletes are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of tech innovators from underserved communities by raising funds to provide students with scholarships to C/I code school.

Meet one of our Team/Interactive athletes,  learn what motivates her to run for C/I, and support her 2014 NYC Marathon Campaign! 

Athlete: Kristen Hawley King

About Kristen: Kristen is a writer and editor who lives in San Francisco. She writes about food (yum!), restaurants, and technology. Kristen grew up in Pennsylvania and went to college at Fordham in the Bronx! She called NYC home for 5 years before heading West and we are happy to have her representing the Bronx and the West Coast on behalf of C/I students.

How did you hear about C/I?

Kristen heard about C/I through a Team/Interactive Boston Marathoner. She decided running the 2014 Marathon on behalf of C/I was the right fit because of her experience working in tech and the great opportunities the tech industry has provided herself and her husband.

“I think it is so important to support the next generation of tech talent and diversity in technology.”

Miles and Miles of Training and Trials

In 2008, Kristen ran her first NYC marathon. She was “slower back then”. The approach she took to her first marathon was to log mileage so she could feel confident in completing the  distance but didn’t do much other training. This time around, Kristen is working with a Cross-Fit Endurance coach to build strength through weight lifting and cross training.

“I’ve knocked twelve minutes off of my half marathon time and am hoping to go sub-four hours in New York.”

We think you can Kristen! Keep those fast-twitch muscles sharp!!

What advice do you have for C/I students about overcoming obstacles?

“Take help when people offer to give it! Listen to advice, meet with anyone you can, ask a ton of questions, and don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know, don’t understand, or need help.”

How do you plan to stay involved with C/I in the future?

Kristen plans to stay involved with C/I by running with us again in the future and raising funds for C/I students. She plans to do all she can from SF to support our students. We think YOU’RE AWESOME!!!

Kristen has a message for Marathon spectators:

“You guys are the best! THE BEST! But PLEASE don’t tell anyone at mile 24 (or 22 or 25 or anytime, really) that they’re almost done. The last couple of miles are the hardest ant those words, though well-meaning can weigh heavy. GO TEAM!!”

I promise to spread the word Kristen! On behalf of C/I students, thank you so much for dedicating so much time and energy into raising funds and training for the 2014 NYC Marathon! It will be so great to cheer you through the finish line!

You can support Kristen’s NYC Marathon campaign here.   



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