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Athlete Spotlight: Nick Quinci

February 19, 2015 by

Athlete: Nick Quinci

Hometown:  Mazare del Vallo, Sicily (Italy) till age 6; Medford, MA till age 29

Current City: Melrose, MA

Occupation, Company: V. P. of Operations at Cruz Electric, Inc., Woburn, MA

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Computer Science Minor at University of Massachusetts in Lowell, 1987 Graduate; Master Electrician

Running History

Nick Quinci has a long running history in Boston. He’s a dedicated athlete who isn’t afraid to give it his all on the course. Nick has been running for just about 35 years. In high school he ran Cross Country and Track at Medford High School. He’s run the Boston Marathon twice before, once in 1987 and again in 1995. All of this dedication to the sport gives him an event history that ranges from the 100m and 600m sprints up to the the Marathon. That’s talent!! These days, his favorite distance is a good solid 5k or anything kind of long, slow run- that  doesn’t mean he isn’t quick! Nick broke 27 minutes in a 5k at 50 years old. That’s a really great feat!!

Running for C/I

C/I is an after school computer science program offered to underserved High School students. C/I’s programs introduce students to hard skills in coding and computer science that may otherwise be unavailable given their  socio-economic background. Students also participate in hackathons to apply their learned skills and develop their leadership abilities. Students who have successfully completed the academic portions of the program are matched with paid internships at tech companies to help them develop job skils.

The mission of C/I is to inspire the next generation of diverse technology leaders. Team/Interactive fulfills the mission by competing in athletic events so today’s youth can compete in tomorrow’s digital world.

Nick learned about C/I from a local business in Boston. We are very happy that he did because his background in computer science is a really great fit to inspire C/I youth. He also recognizes that not all kids are offered the same opportunities or resources for successful futures.

“C/I helps the most vulnerable group of kids and this group does not always have the guidance that is necessary for a shot at a good future. The most vulnerable kids are the ones that get pushed aside and miss out on opportunities, especially technology, math, and computer science and these are the skills required for moderate to well paying jobs.”

Training for the Finish Line!

The snow storms and blizzards that hit the Boston area this winter certainly make training for a Spring marathon less than ideal. With total snowfall expected to exceed 100 inches, we must applaud Nick for his dedication to training.

Nick’s biggest training obstacles:

“The harsh weather, 4:45AM runs, and managing my time balancing family and career obligations.”

Training for a race and competing in an event teaches the athlete a thing or two not only about themselves, but also about character principles that apply to everyday life. The athlete has to balance training with family and career obligations. Sometimes the athlete has to get out and run when they’d rather sleep in. The athlete needs to be flexible because training doesn’t always go as planned and there is no “one size fits all” approach. There comes a point in training and racing where an athlete learns about their own dedication and determination to complete the goal. This is where fear- the little voice that says you can’t do something- is put on mute and an individual feels their own strength and joy take over and pull them across the finish line.

What is the take away  that can apply to C/I students?

“Set realistic goals and aim for them.  Any goal will be challenging but will make you stronger (mentally and sometimes physically) along the way. Surround yourself with people that will lift you up not bring you down.  Never be afraid to be different.  You can achieve any realistic goal with hard work and dedication.”

Staying involved, Giving Thanks

When Nick decided to run for a charity, he decided on a cause that resonated with his own interests and would make a tangible difference in the futures of at-risk youth. The love he has for his family and community resonates into his fundraising and involvement with C/I making him a fantastic member of Team/Interactive. We couldn’t be luckier to have him on our Team!

Nick plans to stay involved with C/I by running other Team/Interactive events, and possibly mentoring or offering internships to students. Nick would like to thank his supporters:

“Thank you to C/I for the opportunity and privilege to run for your great organization.  My wife Tina and four kids have been very supportive during my training, especially my long weekend runs – a thank you to them.  Also, my Melrose Boot Camp trainers have been providing great strength and core training in my off days from running and have been very supportive as well.”  

We are excited to see Nick cross the finish line on April 20th! You can support his campaign for C/I students HERE. Your contribution not only helps Nick cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon, it helps at-risk youth cross the finish line to a better future!

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