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Athlete Spotlight: Sarwech Shar

June 11, 2015 by

C/I’s TeamInteractive is made up of incredible individuals who use their athleticism and dedication to education for making a difference in the lives of underserved NYC youth. C/I’s mission is to inspire the next generation of technology leaders by providing access to quality academic experiences in computer science. More information about C/I’s mission can be found here.

If you think Team/Interactive is the charity partner for you at the 2015 NYC Triathlon, email [email protected] or visit our site to join!

One of our most dedicated volunteers and stunning athletes is Sarwech Shar. His stellar commitment to bringing STEM education to NYC’s most underserved high schoolers hasn’t gone unnoticed by C/I staff and is greatly appreciated by students. Sarwech is running the 10K leg of TeamInteractive’s 2015 NYC Triathlon team. He is joined by two fellow C/I volunteers committed to completing the race and supporting C/I students.

TeamInteractive’s Lidia Garcia had a Q & A with Sarwech to find out more about him and his involvement with C/I. Here is what he had to say:

Lidia: Why are you running on a relay team on be half of C/I at the NYC Triathlon?

Sarwech: I’ve always wanted to take part in a New York Run. When I heard about the opportunity to run in the NYC Tri for C/I, I was delighted and couldn’t say “no”! I hope by taking part in such a high profile event we can raise funds as well as awareness of the amazing work done by everyone at C/I!

L: Have you ever been part of a triathlon before?

S: Nope! This is my first tim! My goal is to complete the running leg then hopefully work toward improving my swimming and cycling for a future triathlon. I have participated in races before (back in London) but this will be my first triathlon in New York!

L: Welcome to NYC races! You picked a wonderful event and a great team! Besides your charity athlete participation, how would you describe your involvement with C/I?

S: I work with the planning committee to plan events such s Hackathons and find sponsors. I’m also one of the tech mentors which means I help students work on their coding and guide them in developing creative ideas with practical applications. For example, the group of students I mentored at the last Hackathon created a nonprofit concept which works with NYC restaurants to provide food for those in need!

L: Brilliant! I love hearing your excitement about our students’ work! Can you tell us about your profession and your work?

S: I am currently training as an Analyst at HSBC within the Global Market team. [Aside from this work], I’m deeply intrigued with humanity’s ability to come up with new ways to fix old problems, so I’m constantly working on ideas of my own.

L: What about C/I is special to you and motivates you to participate?

S: C/I recognizes that there is a need to educate the youth on skills that will become necessary in the future, particularly helping those within society that would otherwise not receive such an opportunity. I have to say, having worked with them, the C/I team are an amazing group who are passionate about this cause and I believe are truly making positive changes in society.

I am personally motivated to help the students learn how to think of creative solutions, use their intuition as well as their programming knowledge, to always question things, and to innovate.

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