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Bronx Tech Meetup – Largest Tech Event In Bronx History!

April 28, 2015 by

(C/I’S PRESS RELEASE) The Bronx Tech Meetup is a sign of a new era in the borough’s economic revitalization by bringing together technologists, students, and community members for an evening of live product demos, tech education opportunities, and networking. With over 1000 students and tech professionals in attendance, the May 18th event is expected to be the largest Bronx technology event in recent history. The official Internet Week event supported by NY Tech Meetup and political support from our local Representatives, including Minerva Tantoco, the Chief Technology Officer of New York City with notable presenters from Startup Box South Bronx Founder Majora Carter, and Co-Founder of General Assembly Matt Brimer, joins non-profit organization Code/Interactive for May 2015 Bronx Tech Meetup Event.

Fordham High School For the Arts (May 18, 2015) – C/I is a Bronx-based nonprofit organization that is hosting the Bronx Tech Meetup with technologists, students, and Bronx community members for an evening of live demos, tech education opportunities, and networking. The program runs from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Roosevelt High School auditorium followed by an after party at the Fordham Foundry, one of the only tech incubators in the Bronx.

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The Bronx Tech Meetup will highlight the rapid increase of technology startups, investment, and job opportunities in the borough. In addition, the audience will hear about tech education from organizations like Code/Interactive, General Assembly, and Per Scholas. This event aims to draw attention to the need for more access to STEM education, job opportunities and to the importance of diversity in the tech industry.

The Bronx’s tech incubators, education non-profits, and employment opportunities are starting to catalyze the neighborhood’s economic resurgence. The Bronx Tech Meetup will highlight success that Bronx residents have had so far launching tech startups and learning through education programs that could benefit thousands more underserved residents.

C/I is also organizing the Bronx Tech Meetup to benefit their students who are learning how to code in their high schools. The Meetup is open to the entire Bronx community, who can sign up on C/I Bronx Tech Meetup’s event page to attend.

C/I hopes the Bronx Tech Meetup will highlight the resurgence of the Bronx tech industry with the participation of many technologist, students, community members and organizations. For more information or if you are interested in demoing a tech product made in the Bronx, contact C/I Program Director Tom O’Connell at [email protected].

(ABOUT C/I) C/I is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2001 that inspires the next generation of diverse tech leaders from underserved communities. C/I aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing positive leadership role models, opportunities in empowering leadership experiences, and access to technology training.

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