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Career/Interactive Student: Alan Rodriguez

January 15, 2015 by

Hello, I am Alan Rodriguez and I am a junior attending Fordham High School for the Arts.

What are three adjective that describe yourself – explain each one.

Three adjectives that describe myself will have to be courageous, independent, and sociable. I am courageous in a way that I am not scared to try new things. I never thought I could do coding especially at my age.  I thought it would be too advance for teens, yet I gave it a try and am learning so much. I would describe to be independent in a way that I am not scared to lead something or do something by myself, I know how to work by myself just as well with others. And sociable because I’m very social especially when it comes to helping others with troubles they might be facing.

Why should a company hire you?

A company should hire me because I am always on top of my game and I am always helping others. I love to help others when I have time, that’s why I joined many programs at school. Over the summer I worked at a school one day helping the school getting setup for the new school year.

How do you see coding to be valuable in the future?

Coding is the future, coding is in everything. Even in the most simplest thing in the world, coding is finding its way in. From hospitals, to even fast food restaurants, coding can be used by almost everything. Coding could be the border line from your door getting locked when you forget your keys, to even saving someones life.

What do you plan on studying in college?  (How can you use coding while doing that job?)

When I go to college I either wanna study graphic design or animation. Graphic design and animation are all about coding. If I wanna make a website or a poster I am going to have to use my code to get the right shapes, where they go, and where they are suppose to go. If I wanna make a drawing 3D, I’m going to need coding to make it happen and to make it move.

Share an experience from using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript? What excites or interests you about coding?

One experience from using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript will have to be recently at the Google hackathon event I went to, courtesy of C/I. I helped build a website for an app me and my friends came up with, which included a ton of html.

What challenges have you faced in learning how to code?  What coding skills would you like to focus or improve on?

One of my biggest challenges I’ve had while learning how to code will have to be remembering how to do things. For example, I struggle with statements the most since I just started java-script. This will have to be one of the skills I want to improve on. What I do to help me with this is do coding at least 30 minutes a day.

Discuss your achievements, dreams, hopes and goals.

When I am determined to do something, I am determined. Everything I set myself to do I usually accomplish it because I give my 110% at it, no matter what it is. One example will have to be joining this program at school called “The National Honor Society.” You need to have a 85% or greater average and when I heard about this during my sophomore year, that’s when I gave it my all. I did all my assignments on time, extra work and got extra help. Anything I could have done, I did it. When junior year came, I got accepted into it. This was when I actually noticed whatever I do, even if it takes one month, 2 months, or a year, it doesn’t matter because its gonna pay off.

What do you hope to gain in Career/Interactive internship?

What I hope to gain from Career/Interactive Internship is the valuable time of basically having a job. Also, as a practice to get me ready and out there to what it is working in an office with many people in a professional environment.


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