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Career/Interactive Student: Olenny Polanco

March 19, 2015 by

My name is Olenny Polanco, I am 16 years old, and I attend Bronx International High School.

Three adjective describing yourself.

I can describe myself to be helpful, persistent, and independent. I like helping others with any problems they might have. I always keep trying to complete any task and never give up. Finally, I am able to work by myself most of the time in school and while coding.

Why should a company hire you? 

I believe a company should hire me because I’ll be able to help them more in coding and I have the free time to enjoy and practice coding.  Another reason is because I rarely give up and would try to complete any projects I am working on.

How do you see coding to be valuable in your future?

I surely see coding to be valuable in my future. I believe with all the knowledge I have gather and will learn in the future I can create a lot of fun games and helpful websites that can educate people about certain topics.

What do you plan on studying in college?  (How can you use coding while doing that job?)

I plan on studying computer science. I can use coding to know how coding is used to make specific parts of the programs work like they do currently.

Share an experience from using HTML, CSS, or JavaScript? What excites or interests you about coding?

I have made websites using HTML and CSS. When I first started learning how to create websites I kept trying to make websites out of the ideas I came up with. Recently, I have been learning how to use JavaScript and working on created a program using all that I have learned. What excites me about coding is how many different things you can create with it.

What challenges have you faced in learning how to code?  What coding skills would you like to focus or improve on?

I have faced several challenges while learning how to code. One of those challenges is finding why my website or program is not working as I would like it to. Another challenge I have found is sometimes thinking how I’ll implement a specific part of a website. For example, I have to think about what CSS styles I would apply to the elements I want to organize into a layout I have in mind. I would like to improve my bug finding skills so I can know what is causing problems in my code.

I have learned how to make websites using HTML and style them in many different ways using CSS. I also learned to make fascinating programs using JavaScript and a library called ProcessingJS. Most importantly, I am glad I made it this far to where I am because if I gave up earlier I would have not learned how to code and create websites and programs and understand how those websites and programs are made. I hope to work in a company where I can apply my skills and use them to help others.

What do you hope to gain in Career/Interactive internship?

I hope to gain experience working in a professional environment. Learn how professionals use coding to create the programs or websites they make. I also believe it would be a great thing to do in the summer, spending my time actively learning and improving on my coding skills.


If you would like to help Olenny Polanco and his C/I’s classmates learn more coding and get an internship, contact us at [email protected] or fill out the ‘Host’ form on the Career/Interactive page of our website.

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