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July 20, 2017 by

We’d like to introduce you to two very accomplished young women who were active participants in our programming– Acerlia B. and Mayeline P. As they begin their college journey (both planning on studying computer science) we asked them to reflect on what Code/Interactive meant them.

2017 Graduate: Acerlia, The Cinema School
Year Active with Code/Interactive: Five
Hometown: The Bronx
Future Plans: Study film and computer science at Wheaton College

I have been attending C/I programming for the past five years and over that time, I have developed into the person I am today. They helped transform a very timid 12 year old who didn’t know what she wanted to do into a fearless and determined young adult who has a plan for her future. Through C/I, I met so many people who created a second family for me and opened a door of exploration within a safe space. During the past two years, I was able to give back to other students by acting as a mentor so that they could experience “growing up” with C/I like I did.

This fall, I will be studying film and computer science at Wheaton College. These two subjects may not seem related but C/I introduced me to the concept that coding, like film, is actually story telling! Even though, I’ll be leaving New York for school, my goal is to continue to give back to C/I because it has given me so much.

2017 Graduate: Mayeline, Fordham High School of the Arts
Years Active with Code/Interactive: Two
Hometown: The Bronx
Future Plans: Study computer science at Smith College

In my sophomore year, I had no idea what I would be doing with my life after high school. After talking about careers with my teacher, Mr. Wanninkhof, he invited me to be part of C/I. I’ll admit I wasn’t very excited to go as I had no idea what computer science was about. But I went anyway and just the first week I fell in love with computer science and ended up being one of the top coders in my class!

Without a doubt, computer science and C/I gave purpose and clarity to my future–I will be majoring in it at Smith College this fall. My time with the C/I opened my eyes to the opportunities that computer science has to offer and showed me that people like me deserve to have a chance in it. Because of C/I, I know I can be the new face of computer science and I can demonstrate to future computer scientists that they, too, belong.

We will miss Acerlia and Mayeline terribly and we can’t wait to see the trails they blaze fueled by the computer science education we provided. There are so many more students who we want and need to reach. Help us do so by donating today! #YesToCS

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