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Celebrating a Successful Boston Marathon

April 24, 2015 by

Team/Interactive Takes on Boston

 Monday, April 20th – On a rainy, windy Patriots Day, five Team/Interactive athletes took on the most famous and well respected stretch of 26.2 miles in the world – The Boston Marathon.

This year’s 117th Boston Marathon had a field of 30,000 runners from 87 countries. Over one million spectators lined the course to cheer on athletes of all abilities. The elite men’s winner, Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia completed the course in a blazing fast 2:09:17 while Caroline Rotich of Kenya broke the tape for professional women with a big smile and time of 2:24:55. But the real stars of the day were the 6,000 charity athletes competing for their own personal glory and support of worthy causes.

C/I’s Team/Interactive was small, but mighty. Our five athletes are: Nick Quinci, Boston native, family man, and dedicated runner. Charlie O’Donnell, Brooklyn Ventures VP and long-time tech education supporter. Bob Metcalfe, inventor of the ethernet, professor at University of Texas at Austin, and overall fantastic marathon walker. Robyn Metcalfe, Director of The Food Lab at University of Texas at Austin and accomplished ultra marathoner. Anusha Mookherjee, recent graduate of Stony Brook University, avid runner and dedicated to improving the quality of education for students of all backgrounds.

IMG_0504-2 Team/Interactive relaxes on a sunny Boston day before taking on Monday’s wet and windy marathon.  

Together, our runners have raised nearly $25,000 in support for C/I program delivery. This $25,000 is used to directly provide academic opportunities and tech internships to underserved students in the Boston area.

FullSizeRenderC/I students coding at BuzzFeed send their “Thanks” to our Boston Marathoners.

C/I students and staff are very appreciative and thankful to every one of our dedicated athletes. Each one had their share of training trials and obstacles. The 108.6 inches of snow that blanketed the Boston area late into winter certainly made training difficult for our Boston-based athletes. Happily, our athletes endurance of marathon training paid off and each one crossed the finish line on the afternoon of April 20th.

Training, fundraising  and completing a marathon through the finish is not much unlike the struggles of our students. Training can be arduous. And I can attest from experience that there are times when you just want to give up. A little voice in your head says, “Who would really care if I just drop out of this race (or workout , or run) right now?”. When you are part of a team the answer is EVERYONE, the whole team. Crossing the finish line is more rewarding than any other experience because of the personal dedication and support of training partner, family, and supporters.

The same principle applies to C/I students. At first the curriculum is hard, it’s extra work apart from school requirements. Maybe situations at home are less than ideal for raising a typical MIT candidate. Maybe neighborhoods are more prone to gang recruitment than Google recruitment. There are any number of excuses to quit, drop-out, or give up. But with support from peers, mentors, teachers, and C/I staff, students begin to gain their stride and are soon completing computer science programs. Suddenly they have crossed the finish line into a bright future that wasn’t there before.

Without the support of C/I’s Team/Interactive, delivery of successful programs would be difficult to say the least. Team/Interactive is the endurance backbone of C/I programs and we couldn’t be more thankful to the athletic folks who support our students.

If you are interested in joining Team/Interactive in an upcoming event, please visit our site here. Or send an email to [email protected]

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