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C/I Code Camp @ Microsoft Had Diverse, Low-Income Students Build Tech Products that are “Wiring Wellness”

April 8, 2016 by

Last Saturday on April 2nd, C/I Code Camp was held at Microsoft NY with over 80 diverse, low-income students worked with tech mentors to solve health problems by developing websites and mobile apps.

C/I Code Camp at Microsoft was sponsored by Microsoft New York, Code Morris, Creative Tech Week, Chopt Creative Salad, Pager, Udacity, Coursehorse, Blueprint Health, Healthify and Hacking Health.

Check out the winning teams of students who built websites and apps in our one day C/I Code Camp event.

Award Ceremony:

Best Overall: Umed
Most Technical: Hope Center
Most Creative: Rent a Pet
Best Pitch: Emergency Plus
Potential to Create Change
Most Ambitious Hack

Award “Best Overall Hack”

Students from BASE (Bronx Academy for Software Engineering) developed an app that helps doctors find the best medicine based on the consumer’s user preferences.

Award “Most Technical”

Students from BASE (Bronx Academy for Software Engineering) developed a website that helps people with medical assistance and provide nearby healthcare facility.


Award “Best Pitch”

Proud girls team from (High School of Hospitality Management) developed a website and app that solves the problem of waiting long hours in the ER by making all necessary paperwork all accessible on one’s mobile or laptop device.


Award “Most Ambitious Hack”

Students from BETA (Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy) created a website that supports a device that auto tracks sugar levels for those with diabetes and sends the results and alerts to your device.

IMG_2619 In the afternoon, students attended workshops from James Quick on ‘Using Dreamspark and Azure’,  Amélie Lamont from VenueBook, and Nikhil Paul CEO/Founder of Nfoshare.

After submitting projects, the teams presented their products to our panel of judges which included: Udi Falkson from Foodstand, Stacey Jaffe from Teach for America, Pernell Brice from the Dream Big Foundation, Clive Henry from Adobe, Fernando Tirado from The Campaign for a Healthier Bronx, and Liza Conrad from Hopscotch.

Thank you to our workshop presenters, judges, sponsors, and dedicated volunteers who all helped make C/I Code Camp at Microsoft a success for our students.










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