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C/I Hacks Powered by Fullstack Academy @ Galvanize – What A Success!

December 12, 2016 by

On Saturday, December 3rd, C/I hosted their first hackathon of the 2016-2017 school year at Galvanize NY as part of Major League Hacking’s Local Hack Day and powered by Fullstack Academy. Over 90 students used their tech and entrepreneurship skills to build products that solved problems of bias stemming from fear, misunderstanding, and stereotypes or utilized civic hacking to improve the lives of citizens and solve problems that affect communities or involve our public institutions – all with the help of their tech mentors.

Students participated in both a UX Design/Wireframing and an HTML workshops to fine-tune their design thinking skills and deepen their understanding of website creation. The C/I students used their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills with their workshop knowledge to create products that bring awareness to bias in their communities.



Students listened in on a Tech Panel discussion filled with industry leaders from iHeartRadio, RUN, Facebook’s Techstart Program, and Buzzfeed as they shared their stories and inspiration on the importance of technology in every leading industry today.

Thanks to sponsors Chipotle and Gregory’s Coffee, students were fueled and energized throughout the day. Thanks toFacebook’s Techstart Program, Fullstack Academy, and Kano for helping C/I power this event.  And a huge thank you to our prize sponsors: Bosebuild, Little Bits Electronics, Makedo, Makey Makey, The Brooklyn Nets, Ozobot, Siegelvision, Sphero, Thames & Kosmos, and Voltaic for providing student winning teams with exceptional prizes.


Best Overall  – “EducateMe 


Winning hackathon team at 2016 CI Hacks @ Galvanize NY #DiversityinTech Diversity in Tech!

Students from Fordham High School for the Arts & Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE) each won a Bosebuild for the C/I Hacks Best Overall award, composed of best design, best pitch, most creative solution, and most technical prowess. The students created an app to teach individuals about words that might offend others and to check an individual’s text for words that might be offensive. Their app aims to prevent bias by checking user’s rhetoric and allowing said users to learn about words that might be considered biased or offensive. Students implemented a text analysis box with jQuery which notifies the user when a word is biased. In addition, the team utilized HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Quizlet APIs in the creation of this site. In the future, the team hopes to incorporate SlackBox into their platform to enable individuals to check messages with ease.


Most Technical – “TEACH

Students from Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE) built an app to allow students and teachers to digitize their correspondence and improve communication to allow education to happen everywhere for everyone. TEACH allows students to keep track of their work, connect with teachers and students live, submit their assignments, and participate in class discussions. TEACH won the Most Technical prize because their app was the most technically advanced and workable app at presentation time. The team utilized HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery. Members of the most technical team received a JoyLabz Makey Makey Classic Kit, Thames & Kosmos Code Gamer Kit & Robotics Workshop Kit, a Sphero Ollie, or a Little Bits Arduino Coding Kit to continue to stimulate their CS minds throughout the school year.


Best Design – “DBNB: Defeat Brand Name Bias

Students from Information Technology High School developed an app to help people choose clothing based on quality and design as opposed to brand name biases. The students utilized HTML and Bootstrap as a CSS template. The students received Makey Makey Gos to allow them to continue tinkering and inventing until the next hackathon!


Most Creative “HelpNYC

Students from Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE) were inspired by LinkNYC to create HelpNYC, an initiative/app to add more applications to the existing LinkNYC kiosks that will help the NY community. The students created the Foster app, which allows communities to vote on which small businesses will be granted leases in local buildings, to promote small businesses and promote community involvement in the process. The second app created was Sanctuary, which allows the homeless to find shelters nearby and RSVP for a bed for the night if they cannot make it to wait in line. This helps streamline and simplify the process of shelters for the homeless. The students utilized Javascript, npm packages with React.js, frameworks, and Node.js for Foster. For Sanctuary they utilized Javascript, Jquery & CSS. The students received Little Bits kits to continue exercising their creative muscle. The students of HelpNYC hope to pitch their idea to the city and to make the app a reality.

Best Pitch “Positive Behavior Promotion

Students from Manhattan Bridges High School and John Adams High School created an app to help teens deal with the negativity of cyber bullying by promoting positivity and encouraging them to complement rather than bully one another. This app sends periodical inspiration quotes and sayings to users throughout the day in addition to challenging users to send positive quotes to others. The students received Makedo Toolkit prizes to further their creative thinking skills and to continue making innovative products and hope to incorporate their app into the Amazon Alexa device in the future.

In addition to prizes won by each top team, all winning teams were invited to a branding session at Siegelvision to  sit down with industry leaders at this top organizational identity consultancy and deepen their product development plan and industry knowledge. Students were given the opportunity to pitch their idea to the founder of Siegelvision, Alan Siegel, as well as his team.


Ci Hacks winners of 2016 Ci Hacks @ Galvanize NY hackathon attend branding session @ Siegelvision #DiversityInTech Diversity in Tech #CIHacks

Missed out on this hackathon but still want to get involved? Stay tuned for more information on our March hackathons at Facebook and participate in our Code/Drive!

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