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C/I Partners With Girls Inc – Teaching Young Girls How To Code

August 10, 2015 by

C/I has developed a partnership with Girls Inc, as we would like to consider ourselves as a like-minded organization. In summer 2015, we inspired over 20 young high school girls to explore nontraditional fields such as STEM. C/I summer program provided introductory education to HTML, CSS and Javascript, weekly company site visits to tech companies and participation at several hackathons. Over a four week course, students developed a website on a chosen human rights article at Barnard College. Below are a few students shared experiences on coding and about their human rights website.

The Right to Equality (Article 1)

By Gennesis Sierra


In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, women are not equals; specifically in education. Out of the 49.6 million people not in school, two-thirds of those people are women. According to UNESCO, for every 10 boys there are only eight girls in class and the poorest girls are the most disadvantaged. The right to equality is important to advocate because girls should have the right to equal education. These women are not seen as equals to men, so they are deprived of an education. Although some people think girls should go to school, they still think that they should ultimately end up staying at home. Malala Yousafzai has been an activist for girl’s education for many years. After the bullet that was intended to kill her failed, she continued the fight on a global scale.

art1Our website will provide the information for those who want to understand how the girls in Pakistan are being deprived of their right by not given an equal education. The numbers and statistics used will be evidence for the inequality these girls face.

Being a part of the Girls Inc camp has being an amazing learning experience. It has helped me expand my knowledge of computer coding and how I could possibly use it as skill in my career. The staff always kept a positive mood and kept us going. The help that we needed was always given and we always figured out a solution to any situation. We were always busy, whether it was having discussions or coding. It kept me extremely busy and had my mind always working. This program was extremely beneficial and fun!

The Right To Freedom From Slavery (Article 4)

By Natalie Arocho


During the summer program, the main task was to create a website about a human right that each team was able to pick. As a team, we picked Article 4 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is on freedom from slavery. Slavery is the condition in which one person is owned as property by another and is under the owner’s control. On my team’s website, our main focus was on human sex trafficking with women and children in India. Human sex trafficking is a form of slavery and is defined as a illegal trade or purchase of sex. India is one of many countries that has high rates of human sex trafficking.  In India, between 12 and 50 million women and children are trafficked every year and about 5% of girls aged between 15 and 19 years old were victims of sexual violence.

This summer program has taught me good things. First I learned how to code and all the different types of codes. Second, this program has taught me to be more open to new things. I really wasn’t interested in coding, but after this program I really do enjoy it. Finally, this experience has taught me to be talkative and try meeting more new people. I’m a very shy person, and I don’t like getting to know new people, or talking. But, through this program, I met a few good people and I was able share more about myself. This has been a wonderful experience and I hope one day I get to use my knowledge of coding!

The Right To Equality Before The Law (Article 7)

By Naclauja Nembhard


“To deny people human rights is to challenge their very humanity”, Nelson Mandela. Everyone is born with natural rights that they can practice appropriately. Still, every day, someone’s rights get violated for various reasons such as skin color or nationality or sex. No ones rights should be violated. No matter what they look like , everyone should be treated equally.The doctrine of human rights has been highly influential within international law, global and regional institutions.

Currently we are working on a website for Article 7 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that we are all equal before the law. The activist we have chosen is Hina Jilani and she is internationally recognized for her expertise in critical human rights investigations. As a  lawyer and civil society activist,  she has been active in the movement for peace, human rights and women’s rights in Pakistan for the last three decades.  She specializes in human rights litigation, and is especially concerned with the human rights of women, children, minorities, child labor victims, political prisoners and other prisoners. She has conducted several cases which have become landmarks in setting human rights standards in Pakistan.

Working on this project has taught me how to use my coding to properly make a website. It was interesting to learn to code but also very hard. Even though the process was challenging, it’s also fun. Once you get the hang of it, coding becomes something you never want to stop doing! Being able to put my coding skills to use and create a website that will be presented is amazing and a thrill because people will be able to see what my group and I have accomplished. Overall this program was a fun experience and it was fun to work with other girls in my age group.

The Right To An Education (Article 26)

By Sandra Leon


The article we chose from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  was Article 26, the Right to Education. We’ve learned that any person has the right to at least a public education. This article is very important because many kids go without and education and it changes their lives completely as they grow older. Studies show that the largest cause for unemployment is that people don’t even have a high school diploma. Two activists that we found who fought for this human right are Catharine Bellinger and Alexis Morin. They both have their own organization called Students For Education Reform. The organization helps students who have had problems growing up that have affected their school progress. One of their numerous locations for the program is located in New York’s very own Columbia University. We believe that there should be no reason that a student of the United States does not have a high school diploma.

We all have learned a ton from Girls Inc., from taking the Data Analytics class to takingcoding classes. It has taught us to be open to new things and that women can be a part of the STEM field. I enjoyed both classes because it opened new roads that I may pursue in college. I’ve learned that I now want to take a computer science class when I get to college. Overall, it has been an incredible experience for me!




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