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C/I Student Blog: Samuel Perez

September 18, 2014 by

My name is Samuel A. Perez and I am a student at The Global Learning Collaborative. I currently live in Manhattan, and I have been part of C/I for the past three years, C/I is a non-profit organization that is designed to help kids learn and gain skills that will help them out in the future in whatever career they choose to follow. This summer I attended the Young Entrepreneur Summit (YES) at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, Long Island.

During this trip I had the opportunity to meet a lot of exciting people who gave my team great feedback on our app, which is called Safe Voyages. One of the many entrepreneurs that I had the pleasure of meeting was Alexandra Woolsey-Puffer. Alex had a big impact on the development of my teams app, she helped us when my team was feeling irritated with MIT’s AppInventor. She brought us together as a team and helped us think differently on how we were viewing the app and our PowerPoint presentation that created, with her help we were able to get back on track with developing our app.

Throughout the summit we went on many small trips. One of these small trips was kayaking; this was in my opinion the best opportunity to bond with my fellow entrepreneurs. The kayaks that C/I got donated by Plaza Surf n’ Sports were doubles, which at first I didn’t really like it because I was always used to working by myself. Having to work with someone else was hard for me at first, but it all changed when I was paired up with Shawn. At first we weren’t really in sync with each other, both paddling on the same side and it made the kayak go in circles. After awhile we started communicating better and got really good at kayaking.  I also got really good at surfing because of the cool instructors at CoreysWave, who kept giving me great advice and wouldn’t let me give up.

We learned a lot of things in Montauk, including how to develop app ideas and then make those ideas into actual apps. C/I also did something I never expected to see because they gave us teenagers the chance to pitch our ideas to tech professionals and showed us a glimpse of the business world.Samuel coming out of the ocean in Montauk after learning how to surf.


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