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C/I Student Blog: Victor Rivera

August 27, 2014 by

Recently I went on a Camp/Interactive Young Entrepreneur Summit in Montauk, and honestly I can say that the summit was my best experience of the year. I took this trip with C/I, which is a non-profit organization that teaches high school students computer science.

My name is Victor Rivera and I am a sophomore at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx but I am also a student at C/I. I became involved with C/I because I love technology and I love to work with computers. Not a lot of kids can experience and learn about computer science. The Camp/Interactive Young Entrepreneur Summit in Montauk was really fun because I got to get out of the city and develop Android mobile apps. I have created a mobile app already but it was fun to do it in Montauk with professional panelists coming out every day. During the summit I was assigned to a team and we decided to develop an app called “KLSWCH”, which we designed for teens who use their mobile devices too much. KLSWCH is a self-control application that can help teenagers manage their cell phone usage.

During the summit I had a chance to present my app idea to a selection of panelists like Michael Street, a Digital Consultant, and Hannah J. Nicdao, a Visual Designer at ustwo.  It was an honor to have these panelist because their feedback helped me make my mobile app what it is today.Montauk Bonfire

The summit wasn’t all about coding and developing mobile apps because all the students had the opportunity to go hang out at the beach, enjoy the sun and actually act like kids. I got the chance to learn how to kayak, which was really fun until my kayak tipped over.  Surfing with CoreysWave was really great, too.

Another part about the summit that I loved was the closing bonfire because everyone shared a lot about their lives. I know this trip has taught me a lot about myself as an entrepreneur and as a coder.

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