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C/I Student Blog Yorkiris Marmol

September 8, 2014 by

Montauk, Long Island. That’s where I spent a whole week this summer. Hey, there, by the way. My name is Yorkiris Marmol. I go to Democracy Prep Harlem High School  and I currently live in the Bronx, NY. I was a part of the Young Entrepreneur Summit (Y.E.S.), which takes us back to where we started, Montauk.

Throughout the whole week we were constantly encouraged to identify times where we could be leaders and/or followers. While we had free time, we played games on the backyard that re-enforced teamwork and leadership.

In Montauk, we got to build our own apps using App Inventor to help our communities. My app name is Outer Circle, and it provides the user with local activities so that the user could always have a way to be doing something productive and go outside of their apartment.


I think the best part of the summit was working in teams on our apps. Being able to experience the pressure of meeting deadlines and pitching to important people in the tech community. I learned that in the tech industry, the brain storming process could be fun.

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