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C/I Students Present at Social Media Week NYC with Rev. Jesse Jackson

March 12, 2015 by

C/I students were honored to share the stage with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. at Social Media Week. Our students from Bronx International pitched their app KYN (Know Your Neighbor) from our hackathon at Microsoft and 1st place winners from our CIKidIncubator.


KYN (Know Your Neighbor), Bronx International High School:

According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of people living in the United States do not know or interact with their neighbors. When they need help they don’t have anyone near them who can assist them. When they want to borrow something or have a problem, they need to call someone who lives further away.  Personally, in our neighborhoods in the Bronx, we often don’t feel safe because we don’t know our neighbors.  It is especially hard for people who just come to the United States to meet neighbors and build friendships.

Check out the video from Social Media Week of our students presenting their app, KYN, with Reverend Jesse Jackson at this link and go to minute 54:00 for our students’ presentation:


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