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C/I Students Integrate Arts W/ STEM

August 12, 2015 by

C/I partnership with Girls Inc aimed to inspire young high school girls to explore nontraditional fields such as STEM. Students were able to combine their tech skills and passion for arts by participating at a tech product building event called #STEAMFWD.  The all-day #STEAMFWD event aimed to push forward the integration of the arts with science, technology, engineering, and math as students attended hand-ons workshops and learned how to use wearables and sound design in building their creative projects.


By Momina Fazal

IMG_4589This summer I had the amazing opportunity to attend an all girls summer program with Girls Inc. and C/I. The first week there seemed slow, I was excited to build my own website and just skip the whole learning to code part. When we started learning, I was shocked that I understood all the jibber-jabber that was on my screen. My interest grew and I decided to attend the STEAMfwd event coming up, which was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

During the STEAMfwd event, my group and I created sandals that would make sounds and light up as youIMG_4613 walked (basically a bootleg version of sketchers). Making this was a great experience, as I learned my way around the LEDs, copper wires and MakeyMakey Tech. At first, I was really confused because I had never ever dealt with this hands-on technology and was lost. However, my mentors from C/I were there to help, and with their help I gained confidence in what I was doing. We connected the MakeyMakey Tech to Garage Band and assigned four or five sounds to each wire. We then hooked these wires to copper tape which we placed at various parts of the bottom of our sandal. Our group split into two groups to get the work done faster, one worked on the LEDs and the other on the sound. As time neared to our presentation, adrenaline rushed and amazement finally hit us as we saw what we had created. We had created something real and something that worked, a group of girls who just in the morning had no idea what they were doing. STEAMfwd for me, was a life changing event where I finally discovered that I could pursue a job in the tech field and have fun with it.


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