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C/I’s First Practice AP CSP Create PT Hackathon @ Facebook NYC

March 17, 2017 by

The Event

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, over 100 of Code/Interactive’s Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) students spent 12 hours at Facebook NY to do a practice Create Performance Task (a JavaScript programming project) to prep for their upcoming AP exam.

Q: Why did you decide to attend today’s hackathon?

A: I thought it would be a thrilling experience to gain some expertise in coding from professionals in developing an app.

A: To challenge myself with other AP students.

A: To put the information that I learned in the classroom to actually use. I also wanted to attend to try a new experience.

A: I really want to better myself in the field of coding. I also wanted to make sure I knew what to do in the upcoming AP test. I really want to get a good grade and make myself proud. I’m not very good at coding but I feel I am learning new skills that will help me further my own well being.

A: My teacher thought this would be a great experience for me. And it was.

Our Incredible Professional Tech Mentors

A primary focus of the AP CSP course and of Code/Interactive is to engage the traditionally underrepresented and underserved students in CS. Driven to support this next generation of diverse tech leaders, volunteer mentors from a variety of companies worked with our student teams to plan, develop, test, refine, and write about their projects. A huge C/I-thank you to all of our mentors and teachers who made this event possible!


Q: What was the best part of today’s Hackathon? 

A: The mentors! They truly helped us understand how to use JavaScript. Also, finally seeing the final product work. I was so happy!

A: To be able to make something great. 


The Process + Projects

Students utilized the App Lap programming environment from their Computer Science Principles curriculum to build JavaScript apps that integrated algorithms and abstraction.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of doing the Practice Create PT? 

A: [Applying] many different types of algorithms and functions to the program to make it easier and more efficient.

A: Completing the project on time and the writing portion. 

Q: What was the most valuable lesson you learned today? 

A: 10 hours is shorter than it seems.

A: Create the template structure first before the other nitty bitty details.

A: Teamwork is very vital when doing this performance task as there were some parts that were troubling to me and with the help of teammates, I understood what to do and we created it in a faster amount of time.

A: Giving up is never the answer. There always going to be obstacles in life that are very challenging, but the goal is to overcome it.

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