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C/I’s Hackathon At The Fordham Foundry

June 1, 2015 by

On Saturday, May 30th C/I hosted their final hackathon of the 2014-2015 school year at the Fordham Foundry after announcing that C/I is the Foundry’s non-profit-in-residence for the 2015-2016 school year. During the event, over 70 students used their tech and entrepreneurship skills to build products with the help of their tech mentors. Thanks to sponsors CartoDB, Accrue and FourSquare, students received workshops to implement each company’s technology in their projects and innovate their platforms for new uses.

C/I students used their HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills and the knowledge provided from workshops to bring awareness to issues around their communities. Starting off the event, Assemblyman Michael Blake of the Bronx gave C/I students an inspiring speech on the importance of succeeding in the tech world and shared stories from his time at the White House. The winning teams won prizes like laptops and Raspberry Pi’s as well as custom SWAG prizes for the best implementations of CartoDB, Foursquare, and Accrue APIs & products.

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Best Overall Hack – “Student Specials”

Students from Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy (BETA) won Chromebooks for each of the winners of C/I Best Hack as the most feasible, creative, most “well-rounded” hack. The team of students built a mobile app to allow students discover local, affordable restaurants in their school’s community. Their app aims to allow students to save money by also providing specials and discounts in partnership with local businesses. Students integrated the Foursquare API to map out nearby food areas to access world-class places database. Student winners will be able to use their new Chromebooks to continue hacking and working on their project during the summer months!

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Most Technical Hack – “My Choice School”

Students from Bronx Academy of Software Engineering (BASE) built an app providing a visualization of schools in the Bronx within input given by school administrators and users. This prize went to this team as the most built our product, the most lines of code written, or the most technically advanced / workable product at presentation time. Members of the most technical team each received a Raspberry Pi to continue working on their technical products and hacking over the summer!
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Best Foursquare Hack – “Smart Food”

C/I students developed an app that allows users to find healthy food options nearby using FourSquare API. Students from Fordham Arts High School and Democracy Prep Charter School won FourSquare SWAG for the best implementation of FourSquare, as determined by the FourSquare judge, David Hu.

Best CartoDB Hack – “Soup From Above”

C/I students developed an app that finds people who are in need of food and connect them to Food Banks, Homeless Shelters, and other sources of reliable food for the hungry.  This prize was made possible by Andy Eschbacher and Stephanie Mongon of CartoDB and their generous SWAG donations!


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