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At Cisco, Work Can Be Fun

April 18, 2017 by

“I didn’t know that work can be fun,” was the answer to “What did you learn on your trip to Cisco?” from a Harmony School of Science 5th grader.  The students in Ryan Torbey’s 5th-grade coding class were given an amazing tour of Cisco’s telepresence lab by two Cisco support staff, JD and Hunter.

Thanks to Cisco for the engaging visit with our students, who got to fully experience the tech that the company is building to bring people together from all around the world.

Following the in-depth tour, Jennie, our Cisco guide, set up a panel discussion with four employees from different departments. Students had the chance to learn how many different opportunities there were at Cisco, because as another student commented, “I didn’t know Cisco did so much.”

Students found out that Cisco does more than most people realize, even participate with the film industry! JD and Hunter showed us a Cisco product that was an important part of a scene in the Transformers movie.

Thanks to (L to R) David, Monica, Sadaf, and David, the students learned about the spectrum of work opportunities at Cisco and how their backgrounds led to their career there.


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