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Code/Interactive Partners With To Hold A “Code Pep Rally” With New York Jet Kelvin Beachum

December 1, 2017 by


Code/Interactive Partners With To Hold A “Code Pep Rally” With Kelvin Beachum Of The New York Jets On December 5, 2017

Code/Interactive is a nationwide computer science education non-profit organization, that trains educators and builds inclusive computer science programs. On December 5, 2017, it is partnering with to host a  “Code Pep Rally” at the High School of Hospitality Management from 1:00pm-2:00pm to celebrate Computer Science Education Week (CS Ed Week), an annual program dedicated to inspiring K-12 students to study computer science. This year, CS Ed Week falls from December 4-10 and is supported by over 400 partners and 200,000 educators worldwide. Celebrating CS ED Week in New York City is especially poignant because through New York City’s Computer Science for All initiative, every New York City student will receive computer science education in elementary, middle, and high school by 2025.

The High School of Hospitality Management was chosen to host the rally because of the progress it has made   teaching computer science as a Code/Interactive partner school. The impetus behind the rally is to get students excited to study computer science and to raise awareness of its necessity as a subject in all schools.

During the rally students will take part in Hour of Code activities. In addition, speakers from some of NYC’s leading tech firms will speak to students about their journey into tech. Joining them will be Kelvin Beachum of the New York Jets who will be on hand to offer support and words of encouragement. He joins a number of athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams who support the movement to bring computer science to all students. Beachum’s interest in participating in the rally stems from his belief that computer science is a foundational skill for success in the 21st century economy and that it should be accessible to all students, regardless of gender, race or income.

By the year 2020, there will be an estimated shortage of 1 million skilled technology workers. Lack of access to computer science education starts in schools, where just 40% of schools teach computer programming. This lack of access is further expressed along lines of income, ethnicity, and gender. Code/Interactive aims to bridge the technology gap by providing computer science education for students so that they have the skills, knowledge, and mindsets to attain high paying technology jobs and break the cycle of poverty.

The “Code Pep Rally” is, according to Tom O’Connell, Code/Interactive’s Interim Executive Director, An event that will help raise awareness to bridging the access gap in computer science education and inspiring the next generation of diverse technology leaders. Having Mr. Beachum there is an amazing show of support and encouragement from someone our students look up to.” According to Beachum, “Education is a vital vehicle in the quest for developing a passion and purpose in life. Playing football has afforded me many opportunities but one of the things I treasure the most is that my academic achievements have given me a passion and purpose in life. I’m thrilled to be able to attend the rally to encourage these students to study computer science so that they too develop the skills that can lead them to their passion and purpose.”

For More Information Contact: Zuzanna Kobrzynski, Associate Director | 646.460.5308

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