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Code/Interactive AP students visit Frog Design NYC

April 5, 2017 by

Frog Design’s pond (New York office) opened its doors to AP computer science students from Manhattan Bridges High School to learn more about the multi-faceted work they tackle and its relation to computer science. Frogs (what employees affectionately call each other) working in the Brooklyn office led juniors and seniors around an office tour and took a deep-dive of the products and problems Frog Design has tackled throughout its fifty-year history. During the afternoon, students not only explored the technical side of the pond, but they learned how strategy, finance, and design work concomitantly with the day-to-day jobs of software engineers.

Huberto’s, a high school student interested in majoring in computer science in college, biggest insight came from realizing that rarely can one programmer figure things out on her or his own: “Even if your role [at Frog] is to write code to solve a problem a client has presented, programmers will need to work with people that know more about research or business strategy in order to come up with the best possible solution to the problem.”




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