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Code/Interactive students tour Blue Apron

April 4, 2017 by

Twenty-five Code/Interactive middle and high school students visited Blue Apron’s corporate office to learn more about careers in computer science. After an office tour, students participated in a panel with software engineers and covered topics ranging from individual paths to computer science, relationship between food sourcing and programming, and why it’s important for women and students of color to learn how to code.

For most students, a tour of Blue Apron was their first opportunity to tie what they’ve learned in their year-long introduction to computer science courses to the real world:

Darrin fromHigh School Of Hospitality Management commented: “What I learned on my visit to Blue Apron is that there is growing demand for computer programmers. Even when you look at Blue Apron, there are programmers not only developing applications and websites but a lot of coding goes into running the warehouses to ensure boxes get to the right places all over the country fresh and on time.”

picture of CS student, Darrin

Chelsea, also a sophomore at High School Of Hospitality Management, found it helpful to learn from programmers about their day-to-day. “In class we have learned about HTML, CSS, and other programming languages one by one, but here developers are using each throughout  the day, which seems very difficult but something I will be able to do in the future.” When asked about how she feels her visit to Blue Apron impacted her personally, “I learned about nutrition and the importance of asking where my food comes from, something I didn’t really think about before today. But I also learned that when I go to college and major in forensics or biology, knowing how to program will help me not only understand how [scientific] instruments work but also make me a better scientists because I’ll have a stronger understanding of problem solving and how technology works.”


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