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Code/Interactive Students visits Twitter

April 7, 2017 by

On April 5, 2017, Code/Interactive had their specialized tour at the Twitter office located at 249 West 17th Street. Shefali was an amazing tour guide for our Bordentown Regional High School student. Some amazing things students saw were:

– The Reception Area that has cool dinosaurs that are not just dinosaurs but are pots constructed as dinosaurs.

– The Cellar, a place where you can buy coffee and drinks without going outside!



– The game room that has arcade tables and the infamous ping pong tables


– The phone booths with large, touchable display screens to be connected via google hangouts to any of Twitters multiple offices nationwide.

The students were then able to grab snacks and goodies from one of Twitter’s snack bar. Of course, the surgery treats were a hit with the students.


We then were able to have a panel with the following individuals that were moderated by Shefali Shah:

Mahima Venkatesh: Sr. Applications QA Engineer, Moments Team

Stewart Cornelius: Client Account Manager, Ads Team

Samuel Ngahane: Software Engineer II, Cortex Team


Some of the amazing learning’s students received from the panel were:

– Keep a portfolio of all your work (Stewart)

– Do something that you love  (Stewart)

– You can do so many things in computer science do not stick to one thing. (Samuel)

– Be open to doing other things. (Mahima)

– You do not stop learning after school, as a matter of fact, you start to learn more out of the school. (Mahima)


Some things that students’ ruminated on were:

– They will be surrounded by really smart people has the move further into the field of Computer Science.

– That Twitter is not like Facebook or Snapchat because it has its own niche…I think some students could relate this to their everyday life.  You know, like they are not like one another and they have their own unique traits and projection in life.

– Python might be the language that they decide to get into as they get further in their coding career.

– There will be times that you pivot and change course from what you originally thought that you should be doing.


We wrapped up with students asking about the future and will Twitter even be around…. lol, you know the Tweeps, Twitter employees, had a lot to say about that. And it was a resounding, “Yes!” from all the panelists. They all pointed out that Twitter brings something unique into the world as it relates to bringing news quickly and instantaneously to individuals, companies, and various organizations.  Every year they got more focused and resolved in their agenda to bring all the news that is worth to tweet and hashtag to everyone in the world with less than 140 characters.

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