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Code/Interactive’s Work as We Move Forward

November 11, 2016 by

On Tuesday, a contentious election came to an end. This long, arduous election has illuminated the fact that many, MANY people in our country currently feel marginalized and as though they are without options or hope – people who used their voting power to express this. We have a commitment to students across the country for whom the aspiration of a fulfilling, successful life and career currently seems more like a fantasy than an attainable dream.

It’s also clear that this election continued to bring national attention to the lack of job opportunities (a reality that will only get worse in the technology industry). The past two decades have been tough on a lot of America – especially those that we represent. We offer a solution with computer science education. We’re excited to be in schools and communities where we can ensure that kids can build the skills necessary to participate in the 21st century job market. Let’s show our kids that the pathway to the American Dream – the one that the entirety of the political spectrum aspires toward – can be found in technology and entrepreneurship.

To that end, we recognize the devastating power of income inequality, racial and gender bias, lack of representation, operating in survival mode – and most importantly, their intersections. Our mission is – and always will be – to uplift those that are underrepresented across lines of income, ethnicity, identity, and gender. Our students come from a diverse set of racial backgrounds and mostly from low- or moderate-income homes; they also represent an accurate cross-section along lines of gender and a large number of hard-working first- and zeroth-generation immigrants. As we grow, so does our diversity. We’re proud to be the champions of our kids and will remain focused on ensuring that they have access to exceptional computer science opportunities – including seeing their future selves in high-paying jobs.

In the spirit of generosity and mutual respect, we must move forward together. Peaceful transition of power is a hallmark of this country’s greatness. As President Obama said on Election Night, “…no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.” It is with the sun that our students will rise to achieve their dreams regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, identity, and/or gender.

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