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Coding4TX Hackathon @Galvanize was a success

December 20, 2016 by


The easiest way to share the success of the hackathon is with student opinions.

First, in response to the best part of the hackathon question, students replied with, “working, because that was when the ideas started to become reality.”

We couldn’t ask for a better response from our participants. Imagine the how many times a student gets to say the best part of a school day is working, but together we put on a hackathon that students from all over Central Texas loved.

Not only did the students love the hackathon but so did all of the wonderful volunteer judges, speakers, and mentors who were part of creating an environment where the students thrived creatively and loved to do their work. Read Hugh Forrest’s, the Chief Programming Officer of SXSW and one of the day’s judges, account of why our work matters.

First, David Altounian, Professor of Entrepreneurship at St. Edward’s University, was generous enough to share his wisdom with advice for the students in the present and future.

Next, students turned their inspiration into a working solution that would solve a social ill they face. Thanks to The Ideation League, they were prepared with a design thinking lesson to help aid in the development of their solution.

The second student opinion on the best part, “eating pizza while coding!” is so appropriate because it illustrates two important points: hackathons are fun and we can’t do it without sponsors. As judge Leo Ramirez, Jr., explained Computer Science was rarely fun or cool when he began coding as a student, so a kudos to all the volunteer mentors and sponsors that contributed time and prizes to make this event cool.




Middle School


Best Pitch: Med Potato Diagnosis Our product is an app that allows users to: communicate with their doctor, take interactive surveys to diagnose their illness, order prescribed items by post.”


Best Overall: Skip This site helps students with their work and translates words to different languages if needed.”


High School

Best Pitch: Chill PillChill Pill is designed to help stressed students manage their workload effectively to help prevent anxiety and depression. Users will enter their mood and in return are given inspirational quotes and breathing exercises depending on how they feel.”


Most Creative: Edu-Fund This website is to help fund for kids in need of supplies involving their education.”


Best Overall: D-LON Helps people deal with anger and other negative emotions that involved with other classmates that they aren’t able to deal with rationally on their own.”

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