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C/I’s Coding4TX Students at EA in Austin!

November 3, 2016 by

Computer science students from Harmony Science Academy Wells Branch visited Electronic Arts (EA) with Coding4TX (a C/I operated coding and computer science education program serving teachers and students in the state of Texas) to learn about working in the video game industry. It was no surprise the students were excited to see where some of the industry’s most popular games are designed and where customer support for global operations assists gamers. The surprise came when our tour guides, Donnie and Julie, set up a question and answer session with four EA professionals for more insight into the process of getting a game from an idea to production.


Sarah Spofford           Ben Scott          Joanna Matthews         Rachel Hammond

Much to students’ delight, the panelists identified team diversity as one of the most important factors to build the best games because it contributes to multiple viewpoints. When prompted for personal stories of failure at work, panelists impressed upon students the bittersweet yet satisfying nature of computer science and coding; there is no success without failure.












All of the students who attended the trip are enrolled in a computer science course at their school thanks to professional development provided by Coding4TX. Students involved with Coding4TX programs attend office tours and hackathons in professional spaces to help kids envision themselves working in technology one day. These programs are a key part of Coding4TX’s mission to increase opportunities for low-income youth in computer science and coding related fields.


Watch out Darth Malgus, these girls can code!

About Coding4TX: Coding4TX is a program operated by Code/Interactive, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that cultivates the potential of America’s youth by ensuring that all students have access to a high-caliber computer science education, entrepreneurship opportunities, and industry exposure. For more information, visit or


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