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Cyrus Innovation Supports Diversity in Tech with Donation to Team/Interactive’s Boston Marathon Campaign

March 30, 2015 by

C/I’s Team/Interactive Boston Marathon campaign is proud to have the support of Cyrus Innovation through the leadership of newly appointed Chief Product Officer, Tami Reiss. We are truly grateful for the generous $1,500 donation to Charlie O’Donnell’s fundraising campaign. Charlie is a Partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, founder of nextNY, and was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People in New York Technology three consecutive years by Alley Insider.

Cyrus Innovation cares about diversity in tech and is showing their support of C/I’s academic programs by contributing to our current Boston Marathon fundraiser. C/I, or Code/Interactive, inspires the next generation of diverse technology leaders from underserved communities in NYC. Cyrus Innovation’s contribution of $1,500 will support one student with a complete year of C/I programming and computer science curriculum. C/I programs include learning coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; product development and prototyping; leadership development; and Career/Interactive internship opportunities.

As Chief Product Officer at Cyrus Innovation, Tami Reiss is always taking diversity into consideration when decisions need to be made. After just two days in her new role, Tami recognized C/I as a worthwhile organization that is not only dedicated to diversity in tech but also actively laying the ground work for continued access to STEM education. This is very much in line with the recent operations of Cyrus Innovation:

“Over the past 12 years Cyrus’ senior agile developers have collaborated with 50+ companies in the NY Tech ecosystem to instill best practices, improve development practices, and help growing companies scale. We partner experienced engineers with existing teams to build applications, rescue troubled projects, design microservice solutions, and implement scalable services. We believe that diversity in tech builds better teams, better software, and better business.”

Building opportunities in STEM education is rapidly becoming a priority for today’s high school curriculum and an essential piece in fostering diversity in the tech community. By empowering students with access to academic opportunities in computer science, companies like Cyrus Innovation are paving the way for a diverse tech workforce in the near future.


Team/Interactive is made up of dedicated athletes like Charlie O’Donnell who compete in athletic events so today’s youth can compete in tomorrow’s digital world. Individuals and companies can show their support for diversity in tech by donating to our upcoming Boston Marathon campaign.

Team/Interactive is looking for tech-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of underserved youth and promote diversity in tech. If you think you have what it takes to be a Team/Interactive athlete, role model, and supporter of C/I’s students, please contact [email protected].

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