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Digging Ditches is Tech Work?

March 29, 2017 by
















It is when you work for Google Fiber planning, digging, laying, and implementing a complex fiber optic cable network. SST Discovery students in Chris Caballero and Shamika Lightheard’s CS classes learned all about the complexities of the fiber optic business and just how many different jobs go into the expansion of Google Fiber in San Antonio. Our good friend Danny Lucio at Google Fiber Austin connected us to his counterpart, Clarissa Ramon, who put together a wonderful tour with snacks and a panel discussion with four great participants.

Big thanks to Erika Haynes, Jason Bone, Brianne Cangelose, and Gene Ramos for sitting down with our students to discuss how their education and experience led to their current positions with Google.












One moment that got a chuckle from the panel: a young cs student asked how non-STEM classes, like English, helped them in their jobs. The panel was quick to point out that all of them work on teams that require constant communication, mostly through email, so the ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner is extremely important. In short – thanks, English teacher! Just as you’d be surprised where you find tech jobs (in ditches), these students were surprised that tech jobs needed all their classes, even English.













Thanks so much Clarissa for the tour, panel, and snacks!

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