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A Look Inside eBay’s Event with Alex Flores-Veliz

April 11, 2018 by

What is this really about: On Saturday March 8th, students from the Tech Career Accelerator Program (TCAP) and Lehman College NSBE chapters invited eBay employees to come speak about agile development methodologies at their school. We got the chance to catch up with Alex Flores-Veliz, a TCAP student and event attendee about what they learned.

What was the eBay event focused on? The eBay event was focused on the Agile software development methodology. Susan Threadgill, a project manager at eBay, went through the key differences between Agile and Waterfall models. The event also focused on eBay and the implementation of Agile in their teams.

What were the key takeaways? “I learned the differences between Agile and Waterfall and why Agile is a more efficient way of developing software. Waterfall has a very linear approach, which can lead the team to build something that isn’t completely ready to ship (either broken or not what the users/clients want) unlike Agile which is a much more flexible way of developing software and allows the team to go back and improve on the product easily.”

What was the most interesting/ fun part of the event? “Susan made sure to make the event hands on by running through an example with the group. She had us go over building a product for a client who needed to get from point A to point B more efficiently. The idea of the example was to show how we can go from one design/version/iteration to the next, but still go back if the client did not like what we presented, because we did not fully commit to anything. Susan gave us some examples of where it would go wrong if we instead went the Waterfall route. The example that I remember best is the client not knowing what their idea of the final product is, so they will be presented with something and decide later they know what they are actually looking for or features they want to have implemented.”

Ending Remarks: “I would recommend this event to my peers. I learned a lot and Agile isn’t something we learn in our classes. It’s a valuable skill to have and one we will be exposed to when we make it to the field. Might as well get familiar with it now!”

You can learn more about the Tech Career Accelerator Program on our website or support the students for $10/month with our 10-for-10 giving program.


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