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Graduating C/I Student Rising to the Top

May 9, 2016 by

Code/Interactive (C/I) a non-for-profit organization is actively creating diversity in the tech industry by providing computer science education to diverse low-income high schools all across New York City and placing the highest performing students in paid summer tech internships.

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C/I student, SM Mashuque was recently accepted to Cornell University to study computer science and will intern at Business Insider during the summer of 2016. His previous success through C/I ranges from his completion of C/I’s ‘Introduction to Web Development’ course, developing a hackathon winning tech product, and working as a Quality Assurance Intern at SinglePlatform.

SM is an 18 year old, senior at Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy (BETA) with an amazing fascination for Technology, Science, and Math. He was attracted to learn more about computers when he first made the discovery for the “view source” option in the browser. With excitement, SM shares, “I right clicked on the web page and was able to see and edit all the code behind it!” this instant SM knew he wanted to explore computers and what made them unique.

As a soon-to-be graduating student in Code/Interactive’s computer science education program, SM shares his learning experience through C/I and the preparation it has given him for his college education and career path.

During his first internship at SinglePlatform, a Constant Contact company, he learned Python, GitHub, how to use the command line, debugging code, searching for files using grep and more!

“Thanks to C/I, this internship has given me an early insight about careers in computer science and prepared me for college.” – C/I student, SM.

Now, SM Mashuque is excited to begin his next internship at Business Insider and start his freshman year in college at Cornell University to further his computer science education.

The highly motivated and professional interns, like SM Mashuque, are trained in front-end coding, prototyping, and software testing skills. Code/Interactive is looking for host companies for their Summer 2016 Internship program that will enable C/I students to gain hands-on work experiences for a future career in tech.

To hire a Career/Interactive Intern and find out more about the program, complete the host form on our website: or email Program Director, Tom O’Connell, at [email protected]

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