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January New York Tech Meetup: C/I Students Review the Tech

January 7, 2015 by

Our students sit in the front row of the New York Tech Meetup every single month at NYU’s Skirball Auditorium — you should totally come visit us if you’re ever in the audience!

This month, students were super impressed with the lineup.  They chose Ocho Video as their favorite app of the month and Spring as the runner up for coolest presentation.  Memo also got a shoutout, but our students had a lot to say about a lot of the demos — check below for some student reviews:

Body Labs, Inc.

Body Labs: The body as the next digital platform

C/I Student Review: “Pretty cool that I can use my (Microsoft) Kinect to make a body model, but I’m not sure what I would use it for.”

Concert Window

Concert Window: Where musicians and fans come together. Via webcam. For money. On the internet.

C/I Student Review: “When can I get started giving concerts?  I want people to pay me to sing all the time!”


Memo: Where verified employees anonymously share what life’s really like in the world’s top companies.

C/I Student Review: “We need this at school.  Can we sign up with our student e-mail addresses as a company and get Memo as a school?  I would gossip about so many people…”


Ocho is the first ever micro-vlogging social network; share your story via short, widescreen videos.

C/I Student Review: “This is the coolest app – I’m definitely showing this to all of my friends and taking 8 second videos of them all the time.”

Spring Moves

Spring is a rhythm fueled workout radio and exercise tracker for iOS.

C/I Student Review: “This is a great new way to listen to music and search for music, too.  I don’t really love to run, but I could totally match music to my mood based on the beats per minute in the app.”


Vidcode is an interactive platform design for kids to learn to code by building video filters, animations, and creative projects with JavaScript.

C/I Student Review: “I wish we could do more with the video, but Vidcode goes really well with our coding curriculum!”

-Hack of the Month-


Red/Green: Bat-signal for friends.

C/I Student Review: “I would use this all the time to get my friends together.  Normally, I just wait for them to be available on Facebook chat.  Now I can show them that I’m available to hang out.”

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