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Meet C/I’s Class of 2016 Seniors Pursuing STEM Education in College

May 31, 2016 by

Congrats to Code/Interactive’s graduating students as they head off to college to pursue STEM education. Meet some of our students as they share their experience with C/I and goals their career goals.  Learn what inspiring a diverse high school student can do for their college education and future career as a tech leader and entrepreneur. 

CI-Hackathon_Winter2016-2RICHARD ORTECHO

Computer Science / Stony Brook University

Career Goal: Software Engineer

Senior Quote: C/I has allowed me to be a better cover and on the academic path to study Computer Science in college. I’m excited to pursue a career in tech knowing the sky’s the limit.”


Computer Science / Tufts University

Career Goal: Computer Scientist

Senior Quote: C/I was a great way in helping me get into my first choice college, Tufts University. Most colleges want to know what you are passionate about and want to see the actions you’ve taken to show your passion. Most of my activities that have to dealt with computer science were because of C/I. Thanks to C/I, even if you don’t have the highest SAT or ACT score, you can still get into a very selective college like Tufts that has a 14% acceptance rate as of 2016.”


Senior Quote: Coding isn’t just sitting in a computer all day. Coding is working together to create something unique. Giving things life, making life easier. At first, I thought coding was going to be boring, but I was very wrong. I would love to expand my knowledge in this area.”


Computer Science / Brandeis University

Scholarship: The Posse Foundation

Career Goal: QA Engineer or NSA Analyst

Senior Quote: C/I staff and mentors have also taught a great deal of work ethic and how to be not just a great worker, but also a great student.”


Mechanical Engineering / The City College of New York

Career Goal: Work at NASA

Senior Quote: “With C/I, I was able to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I feel that I was able to become a better person through building my social skills due to all of the interactive events. Events like Career/Interactive and Hackathons have taught me how to network with peers and mentors. Because of this, I really feel like my confidence has increased. I aspire to become a mechanical engineer. Thanks to C/I, I have the drive to want to do more.”



Computer Science / New York City College of Technology

Career Goal: Front-end Developer

Senior Quote: C/I has opened my eyes to the many opportunities available for me. Because of C/I’s mentorship program experience, if I meet a tech professionals who can help me advance my career, I often ask for their business card. C/I made me realize that I want to major in computer science and give back to someone, like me who has an interest in coding.”


Career Goal: Assist the FBI

Senior Quote: I was able to explore and understand computer science and coding at my own pace, so in a way my curiosity always flourished because there was always something new to achieve. Then with the events, I was able to apply the skills I have learned with others who share my interest and love for coding. The experience overall will stick with me forever. Thank you C/I for giving me an experience that will last a lifetime.”


New York City College of Technology

Career Goal: I want to study computer science, but I also want to be a teacher.

Senior Quote: I always love technology but, before C/I, I didn’t know any coding nor anybody that knew. With C/I,  I made more friends and done things that none of my other friends did. And I did it all within 8 months!”

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