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New York City Teens Developed Leadership Skills & Tech Products At Code/Interactive’s Young Entrepreneurship Summit

August 9, 2016 by

August 9, 2016 — New York, NY — Code/Interactive (C/I), a computer science education and entrepreneurship nonprofit based in New York City, held a Student Leadership Summit/Hackathon from Monday, August 1st to Thursday, August 4th. In partnership with Discover Outdoors, diverse students from New York City public high schools came together to spend four amazing nights networking, developing leadership skills, and programming (and surfing)!

Often, low-income youth fall behind in learning due to summer economic hardship. C/I’s nonprofit brings underserved students for a fully designed experience with the help of leading tech professionals and educators to build original tech products. Kicking-off C/I Hacks: Montauk event, keynote speaker Christina Halpern, Executive Director of All Star Code, gave C/I’s future technology leaders an inspiring speech on celebrating failure.

C/I’s partner, Discover Outdoors provided students with entrepreneurship skills through leadership training by having students take risks and try things outside of their comfort zones. Students were able to challenge themselves to work together in groups to do things they never done before such as hiking, surfing, and daily reflection on their inner-self.

During the four day hackathon summit, students worked in groups to Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy tech products on issues they felt were impacting their community and peers. Students considered the user’s design experience and added features that communicated alerts and text messages in their product. Below are students’ app projects:

Safe N Sound

An app developed for the LGBT community to map out safe travel locations with the option of alerting them of previous hate crimes that have occurred in the area and provide information on places that are more accepting and welcoming nearby.

The Edge

Students felt that their is a demand for a unified platform to help high school students on the college application process when applying to specific universities due to a low ratio between guidance counselors and students. The app “The Edge” allows students to better organize the college process by including a task list, reminders, open house events, required documentations, and advice when applying to each university.  

Social Impact

An app developed to create media outlet with unbiased and full story information that can be generated by people in their own community.

Memingful Politics

Students created an app for teens and youth to enjoy learning and engaging with politics by eliminating complex terms and adding emojis, gifs, and memes to help translate political speeches and news.

Students overall experience allowed them to show significant growth in self advocacy, leaderships, and computer programming skills. Thank you to our partner, Discover Outdoors and our dedicated volunteers who all helped make C/I Hacks: Montauk a success for our students.

For more information about this partnership and on student projects, contact Code/Interactive’s Program Associate, Arlynn Rosario at [email protected].

To view photos from C/I’s Young Entrepreneurship Summit, click here.


About Code/Interactive:
Code/Interactive. C/I is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to inspire the next generation of diverse technology leaders from low-income communities. C/I equips students—male and female, from diverse ethnic backgrounds—with the necessary technical and social skills to pursue high-paying jobs in the 21st-century economy. Founded in 2001, our three scaffolded programs provide students from low-income communities with computer science education, entrepreneurial mentorship and career-readiness training.
About Discover Outdoors:
Discover Outdoors is the premier adventure outfitter for city dwellers. Leading thousands of explorers each year since 2004, our goal is to remove the barrier between city-living and nature-loving by making the outdoors accessible. Whether you are a first-time hiker or rock climber, or a thrill-seeking explorer, you can find a local day trip or multi-day adventure around New York and the northeast on our year-round calendar. You can even travel the world with us. We manage the details so that you can escape the city, embrace adventure and discover the outdoors. And the best part? When you live adventure with Discover Outdoors, you help us give adventure to deserving, New York City students through our nonprofit, the Discover Outdoors Foundation.


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