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Office Visit: C/I goes to Twitter

October 22, 2014 by

On Tuesday, 10/21, C/I students from Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy (BETA) were hosted by Team Interactive marathon runner Linds Panther for a visit to the Twitter NYC office.  These students are learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a part of C/I’s after school program at BETA in the Bronx, so they are especially interested in careers at tech companies like Twitter.

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Students marveled at Twitter’s space at 340 Madison Street as they toured the office, stopping at attractions like Twitter’s living room / presentation space, a wall of famous visitors, and the desk of every potential mentor around the office. Our students did an excellent job in their first networking attempts to inform Twitter employees about C/I’s mission.


We sat down for a career panel with Twitter employees Jessica, Guy, Linds, Je, and Rooz, who told students how they started working in the tech industry. Student questions ranged from salary (“More than a high school student,” said Rooz) to Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar Tweet that briefly disrupted the Twitterverse while breaking the retweeting record. Twitter employees also got some product feedback and suggestions about how to appeal to a younger demographic.

The students had a really great experience visiting Twitter NYC – thanks so much for having us and don’t forget to donate to Linds Panther’s Team Interactive marathon campaign!  Check out a few highlights and quotes from our students:

Amia: “My favorite part was the part of the tour when the employees told us what they did at Twitter and how they got interested in technology.”

Adekunle: “I’m inspired by Rooz because although he wasn’t a good student most of the time, he was still able to learn computer science and work at Twitter.”

Dakarai: “My favorite part was meeting everyone in the office because everyone seemed pretty cool.”

Andre: “My favorite part was getting to look at all the cool stuff they had.  They had some vintage game systems and they even had cereal dispensers!”

Patrique: “My favorite part was meeting people in the office and seeing that people at Twitter work together and really like one another.”

Adekunle: “My favorite moment was when Rooz talked about when his mom (also his CS professor) slapped him in the cheek in his college class when he wasn’t paying attention.  That really made me laugh.”

Kyle: “I loved hearing their reaction to when Ellen (Degeneres) caused Twitter to crash.  They had to work really hard to fix it.”


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