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Office Visit: C/I goes to Timehop

October 23, 2014 by

On Wednesday 10/23, students from Urban Assembly School for Media Studies visited Timehop, a great company whose app just reached over 10 million users!  Timehop lets you see your photos and updates from this exact day in history from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Our generous hosts included Evan Coleman, Engineer; Jake Simms, Operations/Partnerships; Jessica Weinberg, Engineer; Marco de la Cruz, Product Designer; and Tess Manning, Talent and Community Development.

After a great career discussion with our students, the Timehop team gave our students pro-bono product development advice about the apps they’re developing for our AT&T Mobile C/I Hackathon at Google.  Then we took some great dinosaur pictures in honor of Abe, Timehop’s adorable mascot.


Here’s some of the great advice that our students heard from the Timehop team:

Marco: “I always say that you need to be passionate about what you do…if you are passionate, your work is going to be good, people will notice that, and people will want to hire you.”

Evan: “Program in your spare time.  Make any app that you can think of.  For my first app, I typed in a piece of text and the app got the computer to speak it.  It took me an hour to build, but I learned a lot doing it, so just program and learn lots of different languages.”

Jessica: “Try not to get too discouraged…if you take it step by step, you realize in the end that it wasn’t that bad.”

Tess: “Be willing to take risks on things, even if you get comfortable with one (coding) language, and you don’t take the chance to at least try another one.  Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, even as you start excelling at one thing, keep trying new things.”

Jake: “Technology moves fast and the languages will change, so just be exceptionally curious and be a little bit driven to say if you can’t figure out a problem, just learn how to solve it.  Just dabble, be curious, and finish your projects.”IMG_6071

Our students also shared their favorite parts before they downloaded Timehop to start using it for themselves!

Michael, 12th grade: “Everybody came from different backgrounds, nobody started out doing what they’re doing now, and they just happen to be at Timehop now.”

Keanu, 12th grade: “I liked hearing about their progress in coding. It made me feel like I can go home and study in my free time by myself and become successful doing programming.”

Edson, 12th grade: “I like the office in general, but what I really liked was that Marco said that he liked designing and coding, but he had to choose between one of them, and then get a person to pay him for what he loved to do.”

Kashanti, 10th grade: “I liked when Jake told us that little jobs that you do on the side might help you build a career, even if you don’t think that it’s related.”

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