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Office Visit: C/I @ Google

October 23, 2015 by

Thursday, October 23rd, C/I students from Fordham High School for the Arts and The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce visited Google’s Manhattan office.IMG_20151022_161902

Students started with a tour through Google’s amazing office space. They marveled at the large game room, Lego station, happy employees, and the seemingly endless food around every corner. IMG_20151022_171516

Following an extensive tour, students heard from a diverse panel of experienced Googlers. Doug Rohde an Engineering Manager, Demma Rosa a Business Systems Integrator, Angela Chang a Software Engineer, and  Anthony Hernandez a Product Brand Manager all spoke to students about their experiences at Google. Discussions ranged from their unique career paths, to what it means to have “Googliness.” Panelists also spoke openly and passionately about the experiences of people of color in the tech industry.

“I like breaking stereotypes. There aren’t many Latinas or Afrolatinas in tech.”– Demma

“You can work on something and see the impact in the real world right away.” – AnthonyScreenshot (32)








The visit concluded with acknowledgements, a time for students to share what they took away from their time at Google.

“Don’t let stereotypes hold you back”

“Always be curious”

“You guys actually work here and make a difference in the world. It’s so powerful and inspiring.”Screenshot (33)

Thanks so much to our awesome panelists and your support of diversity in tech. We can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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