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School Visit: Adjacent To One

October 8, 2014 by

On Tuesday, October 7th, 45 students from C/I partner school Urban Assembly School for Media Studies participated in an interactive career discussion with team members from Adjacent To One (ATO), a digital product design and technology consultancy.

Students perused a beautiful infographic, designed by Design Director Nina Dinoff, about Adjacent To One as they entered the room. ATO’s captivating introduction covered everything from employee pets (including a frog and two rabbits) to questions that different team members might consider while designing products with clients.

Tanisha Christie, Adjacent To One’s Artistic, Creative + Media Manager, orchestrated the interactive event as her lesson unfolded.  After a clear explanation about each employee’s specialty at the agency and a brief ‘speed dating’ session with students, the room split into disciplines and students gathered around each visiting professional based on their preferences.

A large crowd of self-identified “bosses” listened attentively to career advice from Senior Producer Sara DeRose. User Experience designers Mina Kim and Anna Svetlov were peppered with questions about apps and video games from a full corner of teens. Director of Technology and Product + Founding Partner Adam Chromicz engaged students with direct connections to their C/I coding lessons.  Tanisha fielded the remainder of students’ questions, as her role entails many facets of marketing, event planning, and media creation.

To cap off their personalized teaching experience, Adjacent To One challenged Urban Assembly students to keep coding outside of class in order to earn a trip to ATO’s West Village office for a professional product development session. This C/I coding cohort left for lunch with a newfound appreciation for more positions available in the tech field and a ton of awesome app ideas.

“You know how there was MySpace, and now there’s Facebook?” asked Luis Rivera. “Well, I want to build the next Facebook.” Thanks to the strong leadership of C/I teachers Debbie Weinerman, Dana Rubcewich, and Sulie Payano, Luis and his classmates are exploring tech careers and building programming skills to make their dreams into a reality.

Thanks for visiting, Adjacent To One!  We’ll see you at your office soon!

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