Scratch Creative Computing with Code/Interactive

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This site is specifically for the and Code/Interactive project with Scratch Creative Computing in New York and Austin.

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What is Scratch Creative Computing?

Scratch Creative Computing is a curriculum and a guide that can be used in a variety of settings (classrooms, clubs, museums, libraries, and more) with a variety of learners (K-12, college, and beyond). No prior experience with computer programming is required, only a sense of adventure!

Computer science and computing-related fields have long been introduced to young people in a way that is disconnected from their interests and values – emphasizing technical detail over creative potential. Creative computing supports the development of personal connections to computing, by drawing upon creativity, imagination, and interests.

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What does professional development look like?

The Scratch Creative Computing professional development program introduces teachers to programming and the pedagogy methods utilized in such an empowering curriculum and subject area.

Beginning Scratch Creative Computing teachers participate in a week-long summer Institute prior to implementation to introduce the instructional philosophy of the curriculum and content from the early units.

Teachers can continue learning with our community of practice at monthly events through the Scratch Educator’s Meetup in NYC.

Please make sure that you indicate your preference for date on the form below.

  • Austin PD Dates: June 12-16
  • New York PD Option 1: July 24-28
  • New York PD Option 2: August 21-25

Steps to Offer Scratch Creative Computing at Your School

1) Sign Up through and through the form at the bottom of this page, or through an alternative source of funding

2) Add the Course at your school with approval from administrators

3) Recruit Students by sharing information with counselors, parents, and students

4) Complete the PD led by experienced teachers during the times indicated on the form

5) Teach the Course with a community of practice as support and CSTA Funding Process

Funding for Exploring Computer Science with Code/Interactive is generously matched by Infosys Foundation USA through and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). If you have not already signed up for professional development through this process, please visit’s sign up page for the CS For All Initiative.

There is matching funding available for teachers doing PD in Austin and New York, so please fill out the form below and see this page for help setting up your project on

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  • ECS is generously funded by the Infy Foundation USA through a process involving and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

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