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Student Blog: Serenity, Mayline, and Siddiq

October 14, 2014 by

Students who attended our C/I summit reflected on their experience building leadership in their own words:

“For the first part of the trip we were able to build leadership during our hiking expedition. We were lead by a few people to Rockefeller State Park, where some leaders stood out to help us keep everyone as one group while having a great sense of humor. Throughout the trip we had to work in groups to do different activities like putting up tents, cooking, unpacking vans, and building a bonfire.” – Serenity Calderon, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School

“We can become leaders in the tech industries not just by hard work and perseverance, but by helping those who struggle along the way. Being a leader is being respectful and helpful to all of those who ask for help, while just working on your own will end up giving you the title of “Boss”, which is not a “leader”. Being a boss is commanding those lower than you, while being a leader is dedicating yourself to those who need you.” – Siddiq Bey, Urban Assembly School for Media Studies

“We can become better leaders in the tech industry by showing leadership characteristics like communication, sense of humor, and commitment. In order to become a tech leader, you need to communicate with all the members of your team to achieve your goal. A sense of humor is also important because at some point coding can be frustrating for everyone on the team. A tech leader is able to keep his or her team from getting stressed and always have a positive attitude. Commitment is also necessary for being a tech leader because the program is not going to make itself. As a leader you are responsible for keeping your team on track and being there for them at all times. A tech leader’s dedication is ultimately what leads their team to success.” – Mayline Pena, Fordham High School for the Arts


Students saw a demo of “Virtual Tennis,” a Scratch game built by our host, Doug, and then listened to how the game was created.


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