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Student Spotlight: Ashia Nagi

April 13, 2018 by

*Student Spotlights highlight one of our Tech Career Accelerator Program students and tell you a bit more about their interests, hobbies and professional aspirations.

Home: America and Yemen are home
Major: Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics
Preferred Language: Swift

1. I’ve noticed that not only I needed to be in a tech program that would help me excel in the computer science field, but to be a tech program that supports students from CUNY schools.

2. The fact that they accept only 15 students and each one gets their own mentor for 2 full years was really appealing because I would get the guidance I need.

3. I saw that TCAP is the bridge between real tech world and students which is why I joined.

Tech Company you Admire:
The company I admire the most is Palantir because their number one goal is using their products to solve real life problems such as helping investigators uncover human trafficking rings and unravel complex financial crimes. Their goal aligns with my personal philosophy since I always work with a passion and a goal would help at least one person

Dream Job:
Interestingly enough, my goal was always to work for companies like Google and Facebook. But recently, my new goal is to work for the MTA for two main reasons. One, I would to explore and learn more about MTA’s route data systems. Two, I would love to work on their iOS team to improve and contribute my ideas.

Coolest Project You’ve worked on:
The coolest project I’m working on is an app called CakeWLK, part of CCNY’s Zahn Innovation Competition which is an business‐tech startup accelerator. For the past two months, I’ve been using my product management skills to manage my team and develop detailed plans for our first MVP. For the remaining of the year, my team and I will get to develop an app that not only has cool features like face recognition and pairing walking buddy system but calculates the safest route for college students.

Fun Fact about yourself:
I came 3rd place for stand up comedy at the NY MSA Showdown this year.

You can learn more about the Tech Career Accelerator Program on our website or support the students for $10/month with our 10-for-10 giving program.


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