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Tech Incubator Student: Moubarak Teouri

February 24, 2015 by

During February mid-winter break, four teams with students from six schools built mobile app compete for a chance to pitch at Social Media Week after Rev. Jesse Jackson’s keynote address on #diversityintech‬!

Moubarak Teouri

Bronx International

What problem is your app solving?

  • My group and I have developed an app called, Know Your Neighbor (KYN), where we try to solve the problem of their being lack of communication between one’s community. The problem is that a lot of people living next to the each other, don’t know many of their neighbors. It has been mentioned by the Pew Research that 57% people in America don’t know who there neighbors are.

How does your app solve that problem?

  • Our app will solve the problem by bringing neighbors together and having them to get to know each others. People will get to use our app as chance to know their neighbors, helping and receiving help when needed.

How will you use your app development skills in the future?

  • Our app will allow me to develop a trusting relationship with people who live next to me. I plan on using this app to get to know others around my neighborhood and engage more in my community.

Why is this problem personally important to you?

  • A problem that was surprise to me, is that my mom search for a babysitter that’s close to our community and doesn’t take a long time to come through to babysit my little sister. but never find it. Last week, when I was trying to get to the third floor I found a post that said “Babysitter here,” I went to visit my neighborhood and was surprised to find out she has been living in the same building with me for “5 years.” My only reaction was “Wow!” for I had now got to meet my neighbor, after so many years.

How will your app development skills help you in your classes at school?

  • I believe my app development skills will help me focus on my education and improve on all my classes.
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