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Tech Incubator Student: Stephan Green

February 20, 2015 by

During February mid-winter break, four teams with students from six schools built mobile app compete for a chance to pitch at Social Media Week after Rev. Jesse Jackson’s keynote address on #diversityintech‬!

Stephan Green

Democracy Prep Charter School

What problem is your app solving?

  • The problem my group is trying to solve is language barriers that exist in between our communities and translators being too expensive. Online translators doesn’t work for this type of in-person contact. There are also a lot of bilingual people without jobs, who may be able to make money by using their language skills.

How does your app solve that problem?

  • Me-I stands for ‘Me International.’ My app purpose is to connect translators to people who need them for a fee based on the translator’s experience and skills. Translators will meet their customers in person to attend events like parent-teacher conferences and business meetings, while tourists can hire an in-person translator to show them around an unfamiliar area. Translators earn an hourly rate for their time, while having a two-way rating system to help inform future customers about their translating quality or vice-versa.

How will you use your app development skills in the future?

  • I will use my app development skills to solve more of the communities problems. Problems like the unemployment and the income inequality problem are just some that I will try to tackle in the future.

Why is this problem personally important to you?

  • This problem is important to me because I know many people that can speak two or more languages, but only have a use for it to help their family members communicate with others. With Me-I, bilingual speaking people can now help others, while getting some money along the way.

How will your app development skills help you in your classes at school?

  • With my app development skills, I must research the topic before the app building process starts. I can be more up to date with current trends and events happening in the world.
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