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#TwitterFlock Volunteers with C/I Students in the Bronx

March 12, 2015 by

The #TwitterFlock descended upon New York last week for their Flock 2015 New York event, but Twitter’s developer advocate team made time on Tuesday, March 10th to inspire future developers at two C/I schools.

Twitter employees Jon Bulava (@jbulava), Jon Cipriano (@joncipriano), Bernd Verst (@berndverst), Lauren Schutte (@Laurenschutte), and Ryan Choi (@rchoi) started their day at Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy at 8:00am with C/I’s Program Director, Tom O’Connell (@thomaspoconnell).

C/I students were impressed with the passion that the Twitter team brings to their jobs and to constantly updating their coding skills.  “The coolest part about coding is that you can teach yourself,” said Jon Bulava, the only Developer Advocate for Twitter based in New York.

Besides learning some Bootstrap, students heard about how each of our Twitter friends entered the tech world. Learning about traditional and non-traditional paths into tech careers helps our students envision their own futures. These 14-18 year-olds also asked some heavy-hitting Twitter questions.

When asked about how to get a verified account, Bernd Verst reminded students that “you’re just as visible on Twitter as any other famous person.” Students eyes lit up. High schools may be growing up with computers in their pockets, but they have a lot to learn about how to access incredible tech resources like Twitter, which is one thing that C/I helps out with at partner schools.

Thanks to the @TwitterDev team, over 220 students in the Bronx learned more about how to access tech careers. C/I really appreciates everyone taking the trip uptown to really make a difference in students’ lives!

About C/I:  C/I is working to close the tech opportunity gap at schools like Bronx Engineering and Technology Academy, where students are learning front-end development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in their C/I program. C/I has 12 school partners and over 300 students learning to code.

About Twitter Flock: Click here to learn more about #TwitterFlock and their Flock 2015 events – you can even watch the Keynote address for Flight, Twitter’s First Annual Conference for Mobile Developers!

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